Recent analyst reports show that the cloud adoption rates continue to grow across verticals and geographies, as enterprises large and small continue to embrace cloud constructs and ‘X’aaS consumption models as a critical component of their digital transformation strategy.

This is consistent with what I gather from my discussions with enterprise executives. However, I also hear concerns that they are not getting the most out of their cloud investments, and that managing their mix of public and private cloud resources poses unforeseen operational challenges—and costs.

It is no surprise that cloud adoption can be challenging.  IT staffs are spread thin and personnel may lack critical cloud-related skills. Additionally, cloud adoption is often considered an IT and application team initiative, leaving the network disconnected from the effort. Furthermore, enterprises tend to use many different tactical tools to support cloud migration and operations—resulting in fragmented views and lots of uncorrelated data that hampers fault isolation and increases time to repair.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Cloud adoption is often considered an IT and application team initiative, leaving the network disconnected from the effort.

I believe that enterprises must move towards real-time network visibility and control, as well as increased automation, to overcome the difficulties of cloud adoption, and fully realize the promises the cloud offers.  We have worked closely with our partner, Brillio—a leader in enterprise digital transformation—to deliver CLIP CONNECT, a state-of-the-art software solution that integrates the comprehensive cloud capabilities of Brillio’s Cloud Intelligence Platform (CLIP) with the deep, actionable network insights and control provided by the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation portfolio.

CLIP CONNECT is a holistic solution that addresses the full lifecycle of cloud adoption and ongoing hybrid network operation, including:

  • Upfront inventory audits of all networked resources and applications
  • End-to-end topology visualization
  • Data-driven architecture recommendations and migration plans that are aligned to your business goals
  • Post-migration operations that include analytics driven performance management, AI ops and closed-loop automation for service assurance, reliability, and continuity

Importantly, CLIP CONNECT is compatible with all public clouds and works across all technologies. Most importantly, the solution provides customers with a pragmatic cloud migration and hybrid network operation solution that has measurable--and meaningful--business outcomes, including a 50% reduction in migration times and a 40% reduction in mean-time to repair.

If you’re an enterprise looking to get the most out of your cloud investments, I encourage you to check out our CLIP CONNECT webinar to learn more.