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Blue Planet Learning

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Welcome to Blue Planet Learning! Use this space to find out more about how the Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) Explorer Suite assures the delivery of critical Layer 3 services across the cloud. Interested in learning about Blue Planet Inventory (BPI)? Check out the BPI Fundamentals videos section to get an overview of how BPI works.

No. 1

Blue Planet Overview

A series of videos that provide an overview of the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Portfolio, including Inventory, MDSO and more.

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No. 2

ROA Fundamentals

Learn about how ROA works, such as how to use the topology map and how to navigate back in time to locate the cause of network issues.

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No. 3

BPI Fundamentals

Watch short videos that cover the basics of Blue Planet Inventory, from how to navigate the data tree to creating a device.

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No. 4

ROA Planning and Troubleshooting

Learn about the ways you can use ROA to troubleshoot network issues and how to plan maintenance activities.

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No. 5

ROA Administrator

Learn about the role of the ROA Administrator, such as how to configure dashboards for users and configure route collection.

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No. 6

Blue Planet IAS

A series of videos that provide an overview of the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Solutions, including network slicing, BoD and more.

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Blue Planet DevOps Exchange

Dedicated to Blue Planet developers in a technical role, the Blue Planet DevOps Exchange provides access to tools and technical resources ranging from basic learning materials to advanced programming documentation.

Blue Planet Community

Ask questions, find solutions, and connect with other users and SMEs of Blue Planet products.

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