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Change your
OSS mindset

Power growth with the industry's only
cloud-native OSS platform

Unleash service innovation and growth

Operations support systems (OSS) often hinder communications service providers’ (CSPs) ability to rapidly introduce and deliver new and innovative services that are critical to business growth. Until now.

Blue Planet has redefined OSS with the industry’s only cloud-native platform that brings together leading inventory, orchestration, and assurance. The result? A modern OSS that takes the complexity out of your operations to enable simplified, end-to-end automation for faster service introduction and monetization.

Change your mindset and turn your OSS into a competitive advantage with the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform (CNP).


How our cloud-native OSS platform works

Blue Planet CNP builds a future-proof foundation for growth. In addition to featuring a unified experience for users and developers, and a common data model across multiple OSS applications, Blue Planet’s Kubernetes-based architecture introduces new capabilities for modernizing your OSS, including:

  • Support for in-service software upgrades (ISSU), allowing you to adopt new innovations more quickly.
  • Agile software development and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) support to get the most out of leveraging a DevOps approach.
  • Full portability for any cloud environment, including AWS, Azure, Google, and others, to reduce lock-in.
  • Elasticity to automate the scaling of cloud resources to meet changing business needs, improving operational efficiency and resilience.
  • An AI Studio for applying Al models developed by Blue Planet, CSP data science teams, or from third parties to any mix of operational processes.

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