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Optimizing business-critical processes

We combine our Blue Planet™ software with standardized professional and consulting services to provide proven intelligent automation solutions that address your most pressing business challenges. Whether you’re interested in automating service delivery across one or more domains, improving network capacity planning, or optimizing service assurance, our solutions are focused on helping you meet your specific objectives and delivering a quantified business outcome. They optimize and build efficiency around three interconnected IT and Network processes that are crucial to successful business operations: Plan to Build, Order to Service, and Trouble to Resolve.

Intelligent Automation Solutions Process

Intelligent automation of Bandwidth on Demand services

Create new market opportunities with on-demand services

Enterprise customers want flexible WAN services that can be activated and modified with the same speed and ease as their cloud services. Unfortunately, network operators can’t address this need with their traditional services, which involve an expensive, multi-week order-to-service process and are offered with long-term fixed contracts.

The Blue Planet Bandwidth on Demand solution addresses this market opportunity with customer-controlled immediate and scheduled Ethernet and OTN service activation, which supports highly differentiated pay-as-you-go pricing that can increase your service margins by up to 60% and decrease your service fulfillment costs by up to 90%, versus static service offers.

BP Bandwidth on Demand diagram simplified

Orchestrating managed SD-WAN services

Simplify the delivery of managed SD-WAN services


SD-WAN is a rapidly growing use case for SDN in the enterprise WAN. For service providers, it provides the opportunity to deliver a highly compelling, new managed service offering that complements ongoing SDN and NFV initiatives.

SD-WAN is an overlay technology that helps service providers dynamically program enterprise connectivity using a 'hybrid WAN' model, passing traffic through the most optimal paths based on network conditions and QoS requirements. The hybrid WAN comprises IP/MPLS and wireless and broadband Internet and leverages available broadband access links—such as DSL, PON, and LTE—provided by a physical or virtual CPE. Blue Planet enables you to rapidly onboard and orchestrate multi-vendor SD-WAN solutions and combine them with cloud, NFV, and WAN resources to meet your enterprise customers' private networking needs.

Cloud Connect Automation

Orchestrating seamless, on-demand cloud and network services for your customers

CORD image

For many businesses, moving to the cloud provides a number of benefits, including operational agility and cost savings. Today, many service providers are offering cloud connect services where businesses are provided access to a wide variety of public cloud service offerings, often in combination with network services.

Blue Planet helps automate the provisioning of diverse cloud and network resources for connecting your customers to this cloud ecosystem quickly and reliably. Your customers can specify their requirements, such as speed and bandwidth, through a single self-service portal with on-demand connectivity and end-to-end service visibility to multiple clouds and cloud providers from any location—whenever they need it.

Virtual Edge Automation

Give your customers flexible service consumption models that save them money

Enterprises are now frequently choosing many of their IT components 'as a service' to reduce costs, scale up or down dynamically based on need, and respond to markets faster by focusing more on strategic initiatives. Value-added services like firewalls, routers, and SD-WAN edges enable enterprises to run their businesses with confidence.

With Blue Planet, you can enhance the customer experience by offering these value-added services and fulfilling orders efficiently and rapidly upon request. You also have the opportunity to achieve incremental revenue streams and lower your cost structures by providing an enriched set of managed service offerings while eliminating manual processes associated with service fulfillment.


Preemptive Network Maintenance

Proactively identify and resolve network anomalies that cause network outages and avoid costs of downtime penalties

NFV Service Orchestration

Your customers rely on your network services for their business-critical applications. Service reliability is a critical component in gaining their loyalty and trust. Blue Planet’s Preemptive Network Maintenance solution harnesses the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to enable you to anticipate network failures so you can act before your customers are negatively impacted.

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