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5G Automation

Fast track your 5G journey.

Open, productized automation for 5G networks

Industry 4.0 is in motion—and it relies heavily on the success of 5G. Supporting the digital use cases and services consumers and enterprises demand takes a network that’s scalable, agile, and performance-driven. The key to this? Intelligent automation.

Blue Planet provides open, standards-based, cloud-native automation solutions that accelerate the journey to 5G by helping operators prepare for network buildouts, streamline operations, and monetize 5G investments with zero-touch network slice lifecycle management. Blue Planet’s 5G Automation solutions, which include Dynamic Inventory and Network Slicing, enable operators to quickly build scalable, agile, multi-vendor 5G networks, and efficiently roll out new on-demand, slice-based services end-to-end across multiple network domains.

Dynamic Inventory

Accelerate your 5G network buildouts

Destination 5G: Your plan for success

Dynamic Inventory helps simplify, optimize, and accelerate 5G network buildouts and deployments, based on clear visibility of existing network and service resources, at any point in time. With Blue Planet’s 5G Dynamic Inventory solution you can anticipate, scale, and adapt to meet ever-changing customer needs in a 5G world.

In order to accelerate their journey to 5G, CSPs and MNOs need the ability to easily plan their network buildouts using a systematic approach, with a clear view of their multi-vendor network resources—from cell site to core. They also require the ability to expand their networks incrementally and cost-efficiently, optimally placing and configuring network resources where capacity demand is the greatest, while allowing for flexible adjustment of resources as conditions change.

A comprehensive view of existing and planned, physical, logical, and virtual network resources is essential to optimize network buildouts for 5G macro and micro cell densification. This enables a variety of new, innovative services differentiated by bandwidth and latency requirements.

5G Update - Dynamic Inventory Diagram

Blue Planet’s 5G Dynamic Inventory solution is productized and cloud-native, ready to be deployed on prem, in the cloud, or through partner infrastructure. It includes three key automation capabilities that help prepare operators for network slicing:

Auto-discovery and reconciliation: End-to-end visualization for live versus planned infrastructure modeling

Multi-system federation: A single source of truth of unified inventory across domains

Guided operations: Automation of planning processes across RAN, transport, and core for faster, better decisions

Network Slicing

Automated end-to-end slice lifecycle management

Destination 5G: The path to monetization

Blue Planet’s 5G Network Slicing solution lets CSPs and MNOs plan, design, activate, monitor and assure end-to-end network slice-based services that cater to new vertical markets, business models, and customer demands.

Network slicing is one of the most anticipated aspects of 5G because it empowers network operators to offer a new suite of differentiated, on-demand services. The Network Slicing solution combines advanced SDN, NFV, AI-driven analytics, and ML-guided assurance software to provide zero-touch slice lifecycle management that automates the creation, modification, assurance, and deletion of network slices in moments.

5G Automation Overview Diagram

In addition to supporting the 3GPP Communication Service Management Function (CSMF) and end-to-end Network Slice Management Function (NSMF) standards, Blue Planet’s 5G Network Slicing solution is built with Network Slice Subnet Management Function (NSSMF) capabilities for slicing within 5G core networks and multi-vendor  packet-optical  and optical transport networks. With its multi-layer Path Computation Element (PCE), and support for both hard slicing (such as FlexEthernet and OTN) and soft slicing (such as Segment Routing) and analytics, Blue Planet provides on-demand, end-to-end control and assurance for transport network slices.

Demo: Network Slicing with Blue Planet 5G Automation

Network slicing enables zero-touch slice lifecycle management to automate the design, creation, modification, monitoring, and assurance of end-to-end network slices across the RAN and transport to the 5G core.

Business benefits

No. 1

Accelerate time-to-market—and time to revenue—for new, on-demand, network slice-based services to monetize your 5G investments

No. 2

Leverage an open, standards-based 3GPP and ETSI NFV MANO compliant solution with support for related TMF and MEF Open APIs

No. 3

Simplify and accelerate your 5G network buildouts with vendor-agnostic support for physical elements, Virtual and Container-based Network Functions (VNFs and CNFs), and logical resources

No. 4

Use proven intelligent automation to gain advantage in a highly competitive landscape

No. 5

Attain efficient and optimized use of valuable network resources driven with complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventory data and dynamic planning capabilities

No. 6

Simplify operations and reduce OpEx with zero-touch slice lifecycle automation

No. 7

Quickly meet customer demands and increase revenue with a reliable and scalable 5G network

No. 8

Assure network slice performance to protect SLAs, ensure customer satisfaction, and gain upsell opportunities

Read how Blue Planet's 5G Automation can help accelerate your journey to network slicing and zero-touch slice lifecycle management.

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