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Enhance operational efficiency and customer experience

Managing a fast-evolving network with demanding customers and complex services is challenging, but with Blue Planet Assurance, it becomes an opportunity.

Gain easy access to critical insights, anticipate issues before they happen, and optimize your network dynamically. Ensure seamless service delivery in modern IP/MPLS networks. Harness the power of data and AI and machine learning (ML)-driven automation. Suppress noise to focus on critical issues and enable proactive problem resolution.

Blue Planet Assurance is built on the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform, a modernized OSS that converges design, delivery, and assurance for networks and services.

As cloud-native, Kubernetes-based (K8s) applications, Blue Planet Assurance offers vendor-agnostic, highly programmable, seamless operations across any public cloud or on-premises, bringing improved scalability, support for advanced performance and health monitoring capabilities, as well as in-service software upgrades (ISSU).

Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA)

End-to-end Insights for NOC and SOC

Blue Planet UAA is a versatile, vendor-agnostic software suite harnessing cutting-edge AI and ML technologies for end-to-end monitoring and advanced analytics. It offers unparalleled insights, streamlining network and service assurance while paving the way for AIOps.

UAA is built on the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform, providing flexible deployment options—whether you prefer an elastic SaaS model or on-premises installation within your cloud infrastructure.

Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA)

Path-aware observability and automation for IP/MPLS networks

Blue Planet ROA provides in-depth observability across IP/MPLS networks and overlay services, including 5G network slices from the tower to the data center. Leveraging ROA’s path computation and provisioning capabilities puts you on the path to service automation, helping accelerate time to revenue, decreasing churn, and containing costs.

Powered by the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform, ROA captures real-time routing telemetry and correlates it with traffic and performance metrics to deliver both real-time and back-in-time forensics that help assure IP/MPLS services and network slices, helping you understand the impact of network changes before they are made.

5G network slicing assurance

The viability of future 5G services hinges on the ability to activate, monitor, and assure thousands of network slices in real-time. What’s more, assuring network slice SLAs is a necessary step toward monetizing 5G slices, and this requires a new kind of network monitoring—one that understands the traffic, service, and path from the device to the application in the cloud across multiple protocols and technology domains.

Temporal Observability diagram


AI-based automated assurance is a 5G necessity

In a 5G world, automation is mandatory for communications service providers to meet customer requirements for dynamic ultra-low latency and high-availability services using manual provisioning and management processes.


Solution snapshot: layer 3 service assurance

Resolving service delivery issues can be a headache. Streamline resolutions by analyzing routing data in real-time and integrating it with performance and traffic telemetry to provide unique, path-aware analytics.

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