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Multi-Layer Networking

Unified visualization and analysis for IP/MPLS and optical networks

Ushering unified multi-layer network management

Customers are demanding faster activation of new transport services and better service delivery assurance from network providers. But for network providers, doing this in multi-layer networks that consist of both IP/MPLS and optical layers is complex and time-consuming. Multi-layer networks have diverse network teams, working in silos, managing each layer separately with little or no coordination between them. As a result, it takes weeks to months to do the planning and path computation required to activate a new service and many hours for service assurance—all leading to SLA violations and unhappy customers.

Would you like to avoid the finger-pointing between your different network teams and gain unified, single-pane-of-glass visibility and analytics for your multi-layer network?

The Blue Planet™ Multi-Layer Networking (MLN) solution does this for you. Built on top of the Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) and Blue Planet Multi Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) products, this vendor-agnostic solution provides answers to many of your multi-layer network problems. With integrated visibility and analysis into both the IP/MPLS and optical layers, the MLN solution helps you build an agile network—so you can activate services in hours and resolve service delivery issues in minutes.

Multi-Layer Networking Overview Diagram

Multi-Layer Networking provides single-pane-of-glass visibility into your multi-layer networks with real-time and historical insights to IP and optical paths.


Auto-discovery of multi-vendor, IP/MPLS, and transport networks

Unified visibility and correlation of overlay IP/MPLS paths with its optical underlay

Real-time and historical analysis of multi-layer topology and path changes

Planning and provisioning of multi-layer network updates

Multi-layer orchestration of both IP/MPLS and packet-optical networks


Allows you to quickly visualize your multi-layer network topology and paths within a single solution

Enables accelerated network planning, with faster analysis and troubleshooting of cross-layer network issues

Provides insights to assure service delivery and reduce SLA penalties

Reduces network complexity and helps avoid outages during planned maintenance

Lower time-to-market for new service activation in a multi-vendor, multi-layer network


Multi-Layer Networking

Read how Blue Planet Multi-Layer Networking can help in the Operations and Management (OAM) of your multi-layer network.

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