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21 Jun 2017

NFV/SDN eBook: The Perfect Storm of Opportunity is Here

Get your questions answered with Ciena's new NFV and SDN Guide for Carriers and Service Providers, with 35+ pages of insights from our Blue Planet experts.

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30 May 2017

Carrier Ethernet Expertise: Are you certifiable?

The MEF Certification Committee recently introduced the next generation of its professional certification program by launching the Third Network Professional Certification framework. John Hawkins, Ciena's resident Carrier Ethernet expert, has all the details.

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25 May 2017

Lessons from #TMFLive: How the Pace of Operations Drives Digital Success

Digital transformation is an oft-used phrase in industry circles. In general, the term is used to describe how organizations can harness the latest digital technologies to improve their business. But in the context of communications service providers (CSPs), what does that really mean? According to the TM Forum, digital transformation means evolving beyond basic connectivity and becoming a digital service enabler that capitalizes on the applications of technology. And ultimately, that business model shift will be rewarded with higher market capitalization.

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Get Ready to Geek Out! Ciena’s Guide to Geek Pride

Today is International Geek Pride Day. We're celebrating with some of the stellar minds at Ciena by looking at the careers and insights of some of our best and brightest resident “geeks” here.

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Getting Ahead of the NFV Complexity Curve with Advanced Visualization

One of the concerns of moving to NFV is that the service delivery model can be more complex than traditional hardware-based networks. ETSI's NFV Release 2 specifications aim to address this by introducing a number of advances designed to improve overall interoperability and operationalization. Kevin Wade details how this crucial effort laid the groundwork for Ciena’s introduction of the new NFV service visualization features in Blue Planet orchestration.

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Up your IQ: Top 3 signs it’s time to deploy SDN and NFV

Get up-to-speed on the Essentials of NFV and SDN with two experts from Ciena's Blue Planet team, and in additional you'll get a free copy of our latest eBook: An NFV and SDN Guide for Carriers and Service Providers.

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7 Steps to Big Data Analytics and AI

Operators are turning to big data tools and analytics to analyze the vast amounts of information they’re accumulating in data lakes. Here are seven steps to get there, and how Ciena's new Blue Planet Analytics can help.

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Keeping the Lights on With Advanced Analytics

Utility companies are facing increasingly daunting challenges when it comes to network reliability and maintaining legacy SONET/SDH infrastructure. However, with Ciena’s Advanced Analytics capabilities, the power to keep the lights on with big data has become a reality.

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3 Key Video Transport Innovation Trends We Heard at the #NABShow

At last week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, innovation was a consistent theme. Ciena’s Paulina Gomez highlights three trends from the show related to video transport innovation.

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Q&A with Sven Freudenfeld of Lanner: Ciena’s newest Blue Orbit Ecosystem Partner

Ciena’s Brian Lavallée talks with Sven Freudenfeld of Lanner, Ciena’s newest Blue Orbit partner, about the company and the evolution of the NFV market space.

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3 R&E Network Innovations Changing Lives for the Greater Good

Ciena's Renee Reinke highlights three developing network innovations that are enabling the R&E community to make a meaningful impact by facilitating collaboration of students, educators and scientists across the globe to further education and research.

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Network, heal thyself – with analytics and AI

With the move to virtualized networks, operators need to be able to manage hybrid networks made up of physical and virtual components, and assurance must be predictive.To accomplish this, operators are beginning to use intent-based management that relies on orchestration, data analytics, policy and machine learning to autonomically provision, configure and assure their networks and the services they deliver to customers.

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Software-Defined Control – Brought to You by the Letter C

SDN is an enabling technology for network transformation, but it is not a one-size-fits-all model. Models vary based on the current and future needs of the operator, which in turn are based on the underlying network infrastructure. What is essential in all cases however, is that there exists a cohesive operational process by which customer services can be dynamically deployed end-to-end, while the network is centrally controlled with fine granularity to maintain exceptional customer experience. Multi-tier SDN control is the key.

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