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Intelligent NetOps

Optimize multi-vendor network performance.

AIOps with ML-based analytics ensures efficient fault and performance monitoring

Modern enterprise networks—which consist of a wide variety of elements and software that interconnect geographically distributed users, devices, and applications—are continuously growing in size and complexity. To maintain network health in this challenging environment, network administrators need intelligent and automated operational approaches that enable rapid network change management and simplify troubleshooting when problems occur.

Blue Planet Enterprise Automation Suite (BPE) addresses these challenges and makes operational simplicity achievable by providing greater visibility and control over complex multi-vendor networks. This SaaS-based solution comprises two complementary products, Dynamic Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) and Intelligent NetOps (INO).

Features and benefits

No. 1

INO dashboard

An intuitive collection of dashboards enables network operators to view, analyze, and monitor various performance metrics of the network in real time. It displays information that includes alarms by location and severity level, active and inactive devices, active problem cases, memory and CPU utilization metrics, packet loss data, and other important information about network performance.

No. 2

Topology views

Comprehensive topology views provide both physical and logical maps of the network devices, including a realistic visualization of the network layout and its interconnections. It enables the ability to: associate/dissociate offices to network devices; download a topology view for future reference; refresh the topology view.

No. 3

Rapid deployment

Quick starts with BPE managed SaaS-based instance deployed on a secure public cloud and an on-premises software collector that connects network devices, making INO uniquely suitable for Merger & Acquisition (M&A) infrastructure analysis and standardization.

No. 4

ML-based analytics

ML-based analytics provides better network-specific threshold control and intelligent alerting. Set network-wide thresholds, easily and intelligently, with options for alerting on absolute and relative changes as well as deviations from baseline performance. Examine performance trends in graphical visualizations. The benefits of ML-based approaches can apply to alarm filtering, prioritization, root-cause analyses, and remediation. – It can even predict failures that can be avoided with preemptive maintenance.

No. 5

Comprehensive virtual device control

Along with monitoring details for network devices, BPE also provides CPU and memory-utilization trending on devices and virtual machines. Monitoring these trends helps identify when virtual devices are impacted by constraints on compute resources, enabling the Network Operation Center (NOC) team to align resource allocation and plan for capacity expansion as needed to keep networks performing well.

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