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Wave Services Automation

Deliver and assure high performance services at high speed

Are you struggling with the slow, tedious, siloed process of end-to-end service provisioning and assurance of wave services across a multi-vendor optical network, due to swivel-chair between vendor-specific management systems, and manual ‘stitching’ of connectivity between technology domains? Is the resulting complexity leading to slow time-to-market, lower quality of experience for your customers, higher operational costs, and ultimately reduced competitiveness for you?

The Blue Planet® Wave Services Automation solution reduces the complexity and cost of end-to-end service delivery across multi-vendor networks. By leveraging the programmability and abstraction provided by SDN, Blue Planet enables network operators to deploy and assure optical wave services faster, more efficiently, and with greater scale.

Multi-Vendor Optical Transport Network diagram - Blue Planet automates Wave service provisioning and assurance across multi-vendor domains

Quantify your business benefits

Use the online calculator to find out how much the Blue Planet Wave Services Automation solution can help you decrease costs and increase revenue.

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Windstream: Intelligent Multi-layer/Multi-domain Network Automation with SDN case study

Discover real-world results

How can Wave Services Automation across multi-vendor domains impact your business? One customer increased efficiency by 50% by simplifying operations and automating processes. Plus the customer reduced service install cycles and improved service predictability, gaining 45% more service agility. "Reduced service installation intervals through SDN-based automated provisioning capabilities enable Windstream to accelerate the delivery of managed wavelength services to its customers. The operator can now provision 10G wavelength services in 20 days."

Key features

No. 1

Vendor-agnostic solution for automating service provisioning and assurance, providing a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ in contrast to time-consuming swivel-chair operations between management silos

No. 2

Dynamic discovery of accurate state of network and service resources, and real-time correlation of performance metrics, streamlined through the use of Resource Adapters which easily integrate with underlying third-party SDN controllers, EMS/NMS, and network elements

No. 3

End-to-end provisioning of optical services, combined with real-time analytics, provides policy-driven closed-loop assurance for a high quality of customer experience

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