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You can’t automate what you can’t see

OSS modernization starts with unified inventory

Lay the foundation for OSS modernization

As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you are deploying new services and networks such as 5G, edge cloud, and next-gen broadband access to enrich the customer experience and remain competitive. Yet many inventory systems today can’t support the dynamic and hybrid nature of these services, limiting your ability to modernize your OSS to deliver differentiated customer experiences and future proof your business.

Whether you need to replace a legacy inventory solution or are looking for a new system to support dynamic service delivery, Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) provides an open and multi-vendor solution that unifies hybrid resources and service data across multiple domains and systems into a single view, creating a single source of truth for all your network resources and services and laying the foundation for your OSS modernization journey.

How do your network operations stack up?

Discover your potential savings with a dynamic inventory approach.

DISH intelligently automates its nationwide U.S. 5G network

See how Blue Planet’s automation software delivers real-time management of DISH inventory, enabling on-demand provisioning and faster rollout of network slices across the U.S.

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Dynamic inventory

New services and networks such as 5G, edge cloud, and next-gen broadband access are built and operated using a mix of physical and cloud-based resources, which are distributed across multiple domains and vendors. Many inventory systems today can only provide a partial view of these resources, limiting your ability to plan and deploy new services to remain competitive and future-proof your business. Blue Planet Inventory gives you a complete and accurate view of all hybrid network and service resources in a single pane of glass.


Telstra International: Reduce capacity planning reporting time by 95%

Explore how Blue Planet’s phased data migration approach created operational efficiencies without the need to “rip and replace”.

Legacy inventory replacement 

Many traditional network inventory software solutions are nearing end of life/end of support and limit your ability to shift from legacy static services to new dynamic ones. What if you could modernize your inventory without a major “rip and replace”? BPI supports a phased transition that demonstrates clear business value and operational efficiency improvements at every stage.

Features and benefits of Blue Planet Inventory

Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) provides unified network and services inventory to help simplify, optimize, and automate key operational processes such as network planning, service fulfillment, and service assurance. Leveraging powerful auto-discovery and federation capabilities as well as advanced graph database technology, BPI integrates with existing inventory and NMS to ensure an accurate, end-to-end view across multi-layers and multi-vendors. And because BPI is productized and cloud native by design, you can avoid extensive ongoing customizations to gain the deployment flexibility and operational agility you need to take advantage of new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

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Productized with defined roadmap

BPI is a productized solution with a clear roadmap. You’re not tied to service heavy contracts which require extensive customization for every deployment.

No. 2

Open, standards-based approach

With BPI, you’re not locked into a single vendor or a closed proprietary platform. BPI is vendor-agnostic, supporting open APIs to ensure interoperability and enable best-of breed ecosystems.

No. 3

Cloud-native architecture

BPI has been designed for the cloud. It’s deployable as Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and on-premise. This enables you to rapidly roll out enhancements at scale. You don’t need to adapt to a monolithic codebase retrofitted for the cloud.

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Large data transformation projects often fail because of time and cost. BPI is deployed using an overlay approach that allows you to run legacy and new inventory systems at the same time. This approach minimizes business disruptions, protects existing investments, and allows you to decommission legacy systems at your own pace.

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