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TM Forum: CSPs take key steps to modernize network inventory

Communications service providers (CSPs) want to consolidate and modernize their network inventory systems to fully leverage technologies such as 5G, software-defined networks and broadband access services. While the ultimate goal for all is a digital twin of the network, the steps they take will vary based on their business models, number and age of legacy systems, and how aggressively they are pursuing digital transformation.

Read this report to understand:

- The importance of, and triggers for, a modern inventory system architecture and the challenges to getting there
- CSPs’ visions for network inventory modernization
- The number of inventory systems operators have now versus how many they plan to have in the future
- How CSPs coordinate information from multiple inventory systems
- The importance of cloud-native software architecture and software-as-a-service.

Want to learn more? Watch the related webinar to hear from CSPs and industry experts as they share the best practices and strategies for inventory system modernization in the context of digital transformation and network automation.

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