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Blue Planet utilizes disruptive software and technology advancements to enable network intelligence and automation, and operational scale and efficiency to help power your digital businesses.


Blue Planet takes a giant leap forward with a container-based micro-services software architecture that incorporates advanced modeling, templating, and orchestration methodologies to provide a scalable, vendor-agnostic, highly programmable software platform. This modular and extensible approach enables network operators to automate the lifecycle of differentiated new services that can be deployed across multi-vendor and multi-domain environments and scaled on demand. The result is a dramatic transformation of not just how services are delivered, but how networks are operated.

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Modular, web-scale architecture for rapid feature adoption

Blue Planet is built around the concept of container-based micro-services that provide the ability to deploy and benefit from disruptive web-scale technologies, easier integration with third-party solutions, reduced resource utilization, and the ability to add new features more quickly, with no service interruption. This approach significantly increases the agility of the orchestration platform, reducing OPEX and the CAPEX of adding new features to the platform.

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Add network resources and program new services, at the speed your business demands

SDN and NFV deployments are introducing network operators to a DevOps-style culture for integrating network resources and developing new services. The DevOps approach enables better collaboration among internal product development, IT, and network operations teams to improve operational agility, increase innovation, and accelerate ‘concept-to-revenue’ times for new services. The Blue Planet DevOps Toolkit gives network operators greater control over their infrastructure, and reduces their dependence on professional services associated with updating legacy back-office systems.

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APIs transform the network into a programmable, easy-to-use resource

Blue Planet’s open northbound APIs enable integration with existing OSSs and other critical software systems, including third-party SDN controllers and cloud orchestration applications, for service management and automation across the WAN. These open REST APIs allow operators and partners to align the network with the needs of different applications.

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Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) ensures seamless and cost-effective integration with the OSS/BSS

Leveraging BPMN, Blue Planet streamlines integration with legacy OSS/BSSs, simplifying the process and lowering the cost to create, integrate, and operate new services. In addition, BPMN simplifies network operators’ ability to offer programmable self-service tools to their end-customers for provisioning NFV-based managed services.

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Business Process Modeling
Business Process Modeling
Machine learning


Machine learning and big data analytics can address a wide range of business and operational initiatives

Big data analytics refers to sophisticated and modern techniques that uncover deep, meaningful patterns in data that help organizations make intelligent decisions for meeting specific business and/or operational objectives. Because of the large volumes of data that must be dealt with (and hence the term, ‘big data’), it lies in its ability to process the data at the right speed, as well as its ability to assimilate and classify them in a meaningful way. The recognition of data patterns, classification and clustering are handled by ‘machine learning’, a technique implemented as software algorithms. In contrast to traditional analytics, where the process involves gathering data manually and requires significant time and human effort in their analyses, big data analytics that employ machine learning relies on compute power and storage, which are now very affordable and can be deployed at large scale.

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Network providers worldwide are adopting Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and virtualized services. They’re embracing agile development and operational processes.

They’re doing what it takes to avoid disruption from more nimble competitors—and that includes opening up, in a way they never have before, to open-source.

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