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You can’t automate what you can’t see

Lay the foundation for OSS modernization
with dynamic inventory

In today’s evolving digital environment, you are seeking to deliver new, dynamic services such as 5G network slicing, edge cloud, and next-gen broadband access in an agile manner. However, the data needed to offer these services is typically siloed in legacy inventory and operations support systems (OSSs) with proprietary interfaces, making the data complex to correlate and understand. As a result, your key operational processes such as network planning, service fulfillment, and assurance involve numerous slow, error-prone, manual tasks that delay new service offerings.

What is dynamic inventory?

Dynamic network inventory unifies hybrid resources and service data across multiple domains and systems to streamline your operations and reduce inventory management system complexity. Discover your potential operational savings using this approach.

Blue Planet’s approach to dynamic network inventory

Whether you need to replace a legacy inventory solution or are looking for a new system to support dynamic service delivery, Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) is an open and multi-vendor product application that provides a single, unified view of your hybrid resources and services across multiple domains to streamline your operations and reduce complexity. Our proven auto-discovery and federation capabilities leverage state-of-the-art graph database technology to accurately model and visualize complex, dynamic networks, enabling automated workflows to simplify and accelerate business processes. And because BPI is productized and cloud native by design, you can avoid extensive ongoing customizations to gain the deployment flexibility and operational agility you need to take advantage of new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

BPI is built on the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform (CNP), a modern OSS that converges design, delivery, and assurance software applications to eliminate inefficient operational silos and helps streamline the introduction and delivery of innovative services across network domains and vendors. Both the CNP and BPI can be flexibly deployed in private and public clouds or consumed in an elastic software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, letting you modernize and automate your operational processes in complete alignment with your technical and business needs.

Automate and accelerate 5G network planning and deployment

Whether you are evolving a 4G network or building a 5G standalone, the journey begins with the ability to make critical planning and placement decisions from cell site to core. 5G brings additional multi-vendor, multi-domain complexity, and legacy and siloed OSS systems across Radio Access Networks (RANs), transport, and core also slow your ability to intelligently plan and scale based on coverage, utilization, and capacity across multiple services and technologies.

Features and benefits of BPI

No. 1

Avoid customization with a product-centric solution

BPI is a productized solution with a clear roadmap. You’re not tied to service heavy contracts that require extensive customization for every deployment.

No. 2

Achieve business agility with an open, cloud-native approach

BPI is vendor-agnostic, supporting open APIs to ensure interoperability and enable best-of breed ecosystems. Designed for the cloud, it’s deployable as a software as a service (SaaS) offering and on-premise.

No. 3

Support sustainability targets with device discovery and optimal path routing

BPI supports the achievement of your sustainability targets by evaluating power consumption of network devices, identifying network devices for re-use, decommissioning legacy systems, and determining optimal path routing.

No. 4

Gain deployment control with flexible options

Blue Planet can work with your existing partners, enabled by a DevOps toolkit, or we can bring in partners for you. BPI is backed by a worldwide delivery team with expertise in network, IT, cloud, and operations transformation.

Your path to inventory modernization

Large data transformation projects often fail because of time and cost. BPI allows you to run legacy and new inventory systems at the same time.  This approach minimizes business disruptions, protects existing investments, and allows you to decommission legacy systems at your own pace.

Start your OSS modernization journey today

Unified and dynamic inventory drives the automation of operational business processes and lays the foundation for your OSS modernization journey.

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