Paul McCluskey, VP of Partner Engagement at Blue Planet, recently had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Jinu Koshy, Global Head of Domain Consulting for Communications, Media & Technology at Infosys, a Blue Orbit partner and a leader in next-generation services and consulting. The two discussed the partnership, current trends in the market, and key requirements for successful digital transformation projects.

In looking at the changes happening in the communication and media space, Jinu noted that Infosys is supporting their communication service provider (CSP) customers who are setting up the infrastructure to support 5G and looking to update their operating environment at the same time.

For CSPs, 5G opens the door to re-imagining different parts of the business and exploring new opportunities to achieve top-line growth. While networks are being modernized to respond to these opportunities, it requires fundamentally re-imagining certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

For example, CSPs are looking at how they will eventually be able to offer thousands of network slices to customers in existing and new markets. This vision requires high levels of automation, and that’s one of the reasons Infosys has decided to partner with Blue Planet: they needed an intelligent automation solution able to orchestrate services from end-to-end across multiple domains to escape the traditional stovepipe architectures.

In this first video, Paul and Jinu discuss the digital telco stack that Infosys is building: a pre-defined solution blueprint designed for the new digital telco environment.

Digital transformation projects are ambitious undertakings and represent a significant change for operators around the world. The projects often span multiple years, and along the way new technologies, new services, and changes in market dynamics can affect the initial plan. For this reason, global system integrators like Infosys are looking to move away from large, monolithic software solutions and deliver incremental outcomes in shorter cycles.

In the next video clip, Paul and Jinu discuss the importance of trusted relationships between customers, vendors, and systems integrators in multi-year digital transformation projects.

At Blue Planet, we see tremendous value in working closely with global system integrators like Infosys who are innovating in the way that they deliver value to their customers. In this final video clip, Paul discusses Blue Planet’s strategy for working with partners.