Whether it’s downloading a work file from the cloud or streaming a video on a mobile device, digital use cases in Malaysia are as plentiful as the natural biodiversity of this beautiful nation. To support a commitment to service excellence, TIME dotCom (TIME) transformed its network by reducing the time to troubleshoot issues by 47% with Blue Planet software.

Customer demands require new levels of speed and reliability

TIME dotCom’s customers are increasingly using emerging technologies that require ultra-low latency network performance. To meet insatiable demands for fast, reliable and secure bandwidth, a software-defined approach was employed to ensure that customers receive the speed and reliability they require.

Real-time visibility into the network is critical to delivering seamless connectivity

Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) assures the delivery of critical digital services. Here’s how it works: ROA captures real-time telemetry from network devices, as well as from domain controllers and service orchestrators, to provide real-time visibility into how routing behavior affects service delivery. By providing visibility into the IP/MPLS network control plane, TIME dotCom can see exactly how specific traffic traverses the Layer 3 network and precisely where performance is abnormal.

Software is key to unlocking business value today

TIME also makes use of the advanced analytics capabilities of ROA to reduce the time by 47% to troubleshoot hard-to-find issues that can cause service disruptions, thereby reducing SLA violations and keeping customers happy. ROA also helps avoid unplanned outages during maintenance by testing failure scenarios and predicting the impact of network changes. It can also simulate new workloads for capacity planning, thereby allowing TIME to make informed decisions to optimize the network and save on CAPEX.

The Department of Statistics for Malaysia recently reported that 90.1% of households have access to the Internet. “The daily life of Malaysians revolves around the internet now more than ever, especially as the country undergoes digital transformation,” said Ang Thing Jiun, Chief Technology Officer of TIME dotCom. “With Blue Planet, our network has been enhanced and can better deliver speed and stability to our customers.”