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Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA)

Path-aware observability and automation for IP/MPLS networks

Assure and automate your IP/MPLS network and services

Modern IP/MPLS networks are built on a vendor-agnostic, ecosystem approach with thousands of routing paths—each carrying a myriad number of critical services and 5G network slices.

These dynamic networks need next-gen analytics and observability for informed decision-making and to enable faster activation, assurance, and automation of IP/MPLS services and slices. But traditional monitoring tools fall short of delivering meaningful insights that correlate network performance and routing behavior with service delivery.

Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) fills this visibility and management gap in your IP/MPLS networks. It delivers observability into IP/MPLS network and overlay services, including 5G network slices from any tower to the data center. And with ROA’s path computation and provisioning capabilities, you are on the path to service automation.

"Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis gives us visibility into the behavior of our network that we never had before. We identify and diagnose problems much faster, and by modeling changes beforehand, we have much higher confidence in our change management process."

- José Campos, Technical Project Manager at REN

"Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis enables us to assure revenue-generating customer services, including Layer 3 VPNs. Its real-time routing analytics, alerts, and back-in-time forensics provide the visibility we need to detect, diagnose, and fix service delivery issues faster than ever before. In addition, the modeling capability mitigates risks from network changes by allowing us to run what-if analysis and showing us the impact of the changes even before they are made."

- Ion Talvan, IP Network Architect, Orange Romania

How Blue Planet ROA helps

ROA Traffic Diagram

While Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), event log, traffic flow, deep packet inspection, application monitoring, and other similar tools are ubiquitous, they do not deliver insights into how routing behavior and network performance impacts service delivery, especially when it comes to 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)–driven dynamic networks and services.

ROA captures real-time routing telemetry and correlates it with traffic and performance metrics to deliver both real-time and back-in-time forensics that help assure IP/MPLS services and network slices. This data is further leveraged for network planning with what-if analysis, helping you understand the impact of network changes before they are made.

Finally, ROA’s built-in Path Computation Element (PCE) and support for Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) puts network operators and service providers on the path to service automation and assurance, helping accelerate time to revenue, decreasing churn, and containing costs.

Features and benefits

No. 1

Vendor-agnostic, correlated routing traffic and network performance analytics for IGP and BGP routing, L3 and L2 VPNs, TE tunnels, and multicast traffic.

No. 2

Built-in PCE and PCEP support for automated path provisioning and network optimization that is critical to 5G network slicing.

No. 3

Temporal observability from any tower to data center enables historic, real-time, and future analysis for 5G network slices.

No. 4

Replay routing events from the past to understand the root cause of past, transient, and intermittent L3 and L2 service issues.

No. 5

Simulate planned network changes with what-if analysis and understand its impact on the network and traffic.

No. 6

Flexible implementation options: consume Blue Planet ROA in an elastic SaaS model, deploy in your cloud, or on-premises.

Troubleshoot Faster with Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis

In this demo video, we show how you can quickly troubleshoot service delivery issues using  custom dashboards and routing path lookup features in Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis product.

Blue Planet ROA comprises the following modules:

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