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Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA)

Path-aware Layer 3 network performance monitoring and analysis

Analyze, assure, optimize and automate your IP/MPLS networks

Modern IP/MPLS networks are built using equipment from multiple vendors with thousands of routing paths—each carrying myriad number of critical services.

These dynamic networks need next-gen analytics to provide informed decision-making and enable faster planning, activation, assurance, and troubleshooting of IP/MPLS services. But traditional monitoring tools fall short of delivering meaningful insights that correlate network performance and routing behavior with service delivery.

The Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) Explorer Suite fills this key management and visibility gap in IP/MPLS networks.

"Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis gives us visibility into the behavior of our network that we never had before. We identify and diagnose problems much faster, and by modeling changes beforehand, we have much higher confidence in our change management process."

- José Campos, Technical Project Manager at REN

"Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis enables us to assure revenue-generating customer services, including Layer 3 VPNs. Its real-time routing analytics, alerts, and back-in-time forensics provide the visibility we need to detect, diagnose, and fix service delivery issues faster than ever before. In addition, the modeling capability mitigates risks from network changes by allowing us to run what-if analysis and showing us the impact of the changes even before they are made."

- Ion Talvan, IP Network Architect, Orange Romania

Blue Planet ROA Explorer Suite

ROA Traffic Diagram

How Blue Planet ROA Explorer Suite helps

While SNMP, log, NetFlow, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), and other tools are ubiquitous, only the ROA products provide real-time visibility into how routing behavior affects service delivery. ROA captures real-time telemetry from network devices as well as from domain controllers and service orchestrators. It then correlates it with traffic and performance metrics to provide both real-time and back-in-time forensics to assure the performance of IP/MPLS services. ROA transforms the way network operators plan, deploy, and assure services to help them accelerate time to revenue, decrease churn, and contain costs.

By providing visibility into the IP/MPLS network control plane, users can see exactly how specific traffic traverses the Layer 3 network and precisely where performance is abnormal. ROA can quickly identify suboptimal conditions missed by traditional tools to correct possible service delivery issues and use network resources more efficiently.

Troubleshoot Faster with Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis

In this demo video, we show how you can quickly troubleshoot service delivery issues using  custom dashboards and Routing Path Lookup features in Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis product.

Features and benefits

No. 1

Vendor-agnostic routing and network performance analytics product that is easy to install and deploy.

No. 2

Built for integration with the Blue Planet product family to simplify the journey to service lifecycle automation.

No. 3

Accelerate the time-to-market and time-to-revenue of new and differentiated MPLS services.

No. 4

Intelligent policy-based path computation engine powered by advanced analytics enables automated service lifecycle management.

No. 5

Correlated routing, traffic, and network performance insights to speed up troubleshooting and assure revenue-generating services.

No. 6

Resolve hard-to-find transient and intermittent service delivery issues by replaying routing events from the past.

No. 7

Plan for network changes with simulation and ‘what-if’ analysis to avoid unintended outages.

No. 8

Flexible implementation options: consume Blue Planet ROA in an elastic SaaS model, or deploy in your cloud or as on-premises.

Blue Planet ROA Explorer Suite comprises the following products:

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