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ROA Performance Explorer

Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis product’s Performance Explorer application  collects and reports SNMP-based performance data (e.g. availability, CPU, memory, latency, packet loss, jitter, etc.) from all network devices under  management. Working in combination with ROA Route Explorer and ROA Traffic  ExplorerPerformance Explorer completes the industry’s first unified, path-aware network service assurance solution, and complements existing SNMP  tools.

ROA Performance Explorer correlates routing  events with latency and performance metrics to help network professionals understand  how service delivery is affected by network routing behavior. With real-time  and historical visibility into service paths and device performance  network-wide, engineers can now optimize their networks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce SLA breaches with proactive  monitoring of infrastructure performance and real-time alerts for early threat  detection
  • Enable fast incident triage with  performance alerts, operations dashboards, and intuitive workflows for problem  isolation and diagnosis
  • Improve MTTR and customer  satisfaction by detecting network hotspots that traditional tools miss
  • Make more informed engineering  decisions by knowing how routing path changes will impact latency and other  performance metrics
  • Replay the network’s behavior to  quickly identify the cause of transient, performance-impacting issues
  • Provide customers with detailed hop-by-hop  performance metrics of overlay services, like Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, when  required

Product Capabilities

Troubleshooting  & Remediation
ROA Performance  Explorer application provides historical performance metrics in context with  routing events and traffic flows from other ROA applications. This unique correlation  helps network professionals troubleshoot the hard-to-find, intermittent service  delivery problems that traditional network monitoring tools miss because they  cannot see dynamic routing events and their impact on traffic flows across the  network.

Network operations staff are alerted to potential service-impacting performance issues based on deviations from  adaptive baselines. They can use the product’s built-in, intuitive dashboards  to drill down into the specific links or devices in question to see both the  routing events and performance metrics in context. And the incorporated guided  workflows enable staff to troubleshoot and perform triage more efficiently,  resulting in lower Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) and overall improved service  delivery.

Risk  Mitigation
The majority  of network disruptions and outages are due to misconfigurations. ROA Performance  Explorer, when used in conjunction with ROA Route Explorer, enables network engineers to more  confidently and accurately model network changes before they are implemented.
Modeling  changes using the real-time performance monitoring data on the live network  instead of imported models that may be out of date, increases modeling  accuracy. Modeling interactively instead of using offline processes also speeds  up the change management process.

Being able to see the impact of planned changes  before they are made helps to avoid disruptions and outages from misconfigurations during maintenance windows. This results in improved service  availability and reliability, and happier customers.

Network  Resiliency Engineering
Performance  Explorer helps optimize network resiliency and overall service delivery by identifying and isolating service-impacting performance hot spots. Performance issues on specific paths or links, such as excessive  latency, jitter or packet loss, are identified immediately.

Engineers can ensure there is adequate fail-over  capacity for key services by modeling failure scenarios to see the impact on latency and other performance metrics.

Proactive  SLA Management
ROA Performance Explorer helps network operators be more proactive in managing the performance  of critical services and more effective in triaging issues when they arise.  Alerts to deviations from network performance baselines help staff identify  issues before they escalate and intuitive drill-in workflows with contextual  analytics guide them to the source.

Performance  Explorer's summary dashboard highlights performance deviations and errors,  and provides an at-a-glance view of the network with key infrastructure and  service delivery metrics. Baselines are established by hour of day and day of  week for performance metrics, such as CPU and memory utilization, errors,  jitter, and latency, using geometric averaging to weight more recent data.  Deviations of more than 25% are flagged on the dashboard, helping network staff to identify potential network issues, analyze them, and often resolve them before clients or end-users even notice.

Performance  dashboards can also be used by engineers to understand trends, plan for network  changes and growth, and verify changes made during scheduled maintenance. By  clicking on dashboard elements, operations and engineering staff can drill-in  on emerging network hotspots for device and link-level analysis to help them  determine the best course of remedial action.

Having accurate routing, traffic and performance  analytics not only helps to improve network resiliency and overall service  delivery levels, but also helps staff defend the network from being unfairly blamed when problems arise.

Performance Explorer Deployment

Diagram showing the Performance Explorer Deployment

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