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Blue Planet Orchestration

Accelerate service velocity, improve service agility, and reduce service fulfilment OPEX

Blue Planet Orchestration (BPO) is a suite of open, modular, and vendor-agnostic product applications that help network operators improve customer experience, reduce OPEX, and achieve their business goals by automating service fulfilment end-to-end across complex multi-vendor and multi-domain networks.

The BPO suite is built on the Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform (CNP), a modern operations support system (OSS) that converges design, delivery, and assurance software applications to eliminate inefficient operational silos and help networks streamline the introduction and delivery of innovative services across network domains and vendors. Both the CNP and BPO suite can be flexibly deployed in private and public clouds or consumed in an elastic software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, letting you automate your order-to-service processes in complete alignment with your technical and business needs.


No. 1

Zero-touch service activation eliminates the OPEX, delays, and errors associated with legacy manual operations, speeding time to revenue by up to 90%.

No. 2

Combines vendor-agnostic declarative orchestration with open standards from TM Forum MEF, ETSI, and others, facilitating service agility and network evolution.

No. 3

Cloud native software built on a container- and microservices-based architecture that can be flexibly deployed on prem or consumed in a cloud-based elastic SaaS model.

No. 4

Full network and service visibility and control end-to-end across complex multi-vendor, multi-layer domains co-hybrid physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

BPO consists of three modular software products—Service Order Orchestration (SOO), Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), and Multi-Cloud Orchestration (MCO) that can be deployed individually or combined to fully automate the order-to-service process.


Blue Planet also offers field-proven intelligent automation solutions that pre-package the Blue Planet CNP and the BPO suite with other Blue Planet software applications to help CSPs quickly and confidently automate urgent market opportunities such as 5G, IP/MPLS, and SD-WAN.

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