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Multi-Domain Service Orchestration

Accelerate end-to-end service delivery with intelligent automation

Multi-Domain Service Orchestration helps you achieve service velocity and lower costs by drastically simplifying operations

Mobile. Cloud. The Internet of Things (IoT). All fueling the need for new network services. The competitive landscape is fierce and fast-paced. You must operate with speed and scale, responding quickly to customers’ requirements for dynamic new services.

Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) is an open and vendor-agnostic software solution that allows you to rapidly create, deploy, and automate the end-to-end delivery of services across both physical and virtual networks. MDSO facilitates evolution of the network towards supporting today’s digital services for business, residential, and mobile subscribers—and serves as a core element of Blue Planet’s intelligent automation.

Blue Planet MDSO allows you to:

  • Shorten time-to-revenue and lower costs by simplifying and automating service delivery across multiple vendor and technology domains spanning the WAN, data center, and cloud
  • Rapidly innovate new services and maintain full self-service control of network transformation
  • Quickly adapt to new demands by efficiently and effectively customizing and optimizing the network

Blue Planet MDSO provides an open software layer that enables seamless service automation across any mix of vendors and network layers, allowing you to eliminate management silos and drastically simplify network operations. Leveraging an agile, DevOps-style approach toward resource onboarding and service development, it helps you easily and rapidly incorporate new networking resources and bring innovative new services to market. You can also integrate Blue Planet MDSO with Blue Planet Analytics (BPA) and Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) to leverage the full capabilities of an intelligent, self-adapting network.



No. 1

Modular and programmable design improves end-to-end control and visibility for services delivered across any mix of physical and virtual domains: cloud, WAN, NFV, IP/MPLS, and more

No. 2

Intent-based orchestration and DevOps-style development allow for rapid network services programmability and self-service in operating the network

No. 3

Interoperates with Ciena and third-party SDN controllers, element/network management systems, and cloud management platforms

No. 4

Open Rest APIs for integration with OSS components, such as order management and inventory systems

No. 5

Microservices-based architecture provides extensibility and scale

 In addition to increasing service velocity, this intelligent automation approach reduces operational complexity and costs by eliminating manual provisioning inefficiencies. With MDSO you can advance your infrastructure in an iterative fashion, according to your business priorities, and streamline the evolution to virtualized, on-demand managed services.

Blue Planet streamlines the process associated with defining, creating and deploying innovative new services

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