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Unlock the potential of real-time inventory management

Move into the age of automation

Inventory systems are a critical component of network providers’ Operational Support Systems (OSS) environments; however, they provide a very static and fragmented view of service and network resources across multiple lines of business. As a result, key operational processes that rely on these systems, such as service fulfillment and assurance, involve numerous, slow, error-prone, manual tasks. With network providers under increasing pressure to reduce costs and launch more on-demand services to meet their customers’ expectations, they need new inventory solutions that provide a real-time view of network resources to efficiently support truly dynamic services.


Features and Benefits

No. 1

Federate multiple inventory and assurance systems into a single user interface to dramatically reduce swivel-chair operations, achieving greater levels of operations efficiency.

No. 2

Create a dynamic end-to-end view of all network and service resources through network discovery and reconciliation, improving operations accuracy.

No. 3

Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing and reducing the lead times for key operational processes such as service fulfillment, network planning, and service assurance, and enabling automation.

Ciena’s Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) software federates data from network providers’ multiple existing operational systems and presents the data in a single dynamic view that accurately reflects the current state of network and service resources from end to end. It supports an extremely flexible and modular architecture to suit specific operational needs:

  • Multi-domain Federation is the foundational application that federates network data from multiple inventory systems and assurance platforms to automate and expedite end-to-end fulfilment and other business-critical operational processes. It also integrates a powerful visualization engine and UI framework that enables customized views of topology, equipment, and more for different environments
  • Dynamic Inventory supports multi-layer physical and logical service modeling to enable a real-time view of service/resource mapping. Dynamic Inventory also provides data mastering, business rules, and reservation functions as well as full support for Move, Add, Change, or Delete (MACD) operations
  • Network Planning optimizes the reporting, trending, and forecasting of network capacity spanning Layers 0-3, leveraging advanced visualization
  • Discovery detects deployed network equipment, across multiple network layers, as well as logical service constructs — thus gaining a real-time view of all resources
  • Reconciliation auto-resolves data discrepancies between the discovered network and off-line inventory systems, ensuring inventory accuracy

Software development experts and Ciena services are ready to help our customers deploy BPI software in their specific operational environments and get started on their transformation to more open, agile, and automated networks.



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