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The single source of truth for operational data

Break away from your legacy inventory with Blue Planet

An accurate, end-to-end view of network and service inventory is essential to your operational integrity—and your business success. Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) federates inventory data from your existing Operational Support Systems (OSS), Network Management Systems (NMS), and other sources to create a single ‘source of truth’ that reflects the current state of the network. No need to rip and replace. BPI helps you deliver new services more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, accelerate ROI and realize your business goals, while providing the foundation for service lifecycle automation.

Blue Planet Inventory Overview Diagram

Your path toward a single source of truth for operations

With increasing pressure to meet customer expectations, deliver new services, and simultaneously reduce costs, your operations team needs a modern approach to inventory management that paves the way for operations automation.
No. 1


BPI combines data from existing operational systems into a single, unified model.

No. 2


Critical inventory data is migrated into the flexible BPI graph database to provide an accurate, end-to-end view.

No. 3


New network services are modeled in BPI, allowing legacy inventory systems to be retired at your own pace.

No. 4


BPI’s open interfaces enable operational workflows to be automated for maximum efficiency.

Blue Planet Operations infographic

Proven success

Discover how Blue Planet Inventory has transformed operations at a major CSP, improving operational efficiencies, and enabling a more open, agile, automated network.

Features and benefits

No. 1

Federates inventory data from multiple OSS, NMS, and other data sources into a single source of truth for the network to dramatically reduce swivel-chair operations.

No. 2

The BPI-based Inventory and Network Synchronization solution auto-discovers and reconciles all multi-vendor physical and virtual resources to create a current, end-to-end view of the network, improving operations efficiency and accuracy.

No. 3

Leverages open APIs to streamline and automate network planning, service fulfillment, and service assurance—reducing lead times and increasing customer satisfaction.

No. 4

Can be flexibly consumed in an elastic Software as a Service (SaaS) model, or deployed in your premises, in alignment with your technical needs and business goals.

Are you ready to break away?

Now’s the time to migrate to a unified inventory environment—at your own pace—without the need to rip and replace.

Get started now