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Is your legacy inventory system leaving you at a dead end?

Set the pace for migration with Blue Planet Inventory

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Break away from your legacy inventory system

Now’s the time to migrate toward a unified inventory environment—at your own pace—without the need to rip and replace.

Blue Planet Inventory federates existing inventory systems and other operational data sources to produce a single source of truth, so you can fast-track the migration roadmap and retire legacy systems in a staged, systematic approach—with low risk and high reward .


Automated Service Orchestration: delivering true value and new capabilities in a 5G world

How to break away from legacy inventory

Debunking misconceptions about inventory system migration

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A progressive approach to inventory modernization creates a single source of truth

Blue Planet’s unique federated approach unifies inventory data from multiple existing Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Management Systems (NMS), and other sources to create a ‘single source of truth’ of the current network state. Our progressive approach minimizes the risk associated with large data transformation projects and enables migration at your pace while protecting original investments.
No. 1


Blue Planet Inventory collects data from existing operational systems into a single, unified model.

No. 2


Critical inventory data is migrated into the flexible Blue Planet Inventory graph database to provide an accurate, end-to-end view.

No. 3


New network services are modeled in Blue Planet Inventory, rendering legacy inventory obsolete.

No. 4


Blue Planet Inventory’s open interfaces enable operational workflows to be automated for max efficiency.

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Proven success

Discover how Blue Planet Inventory has transformed operations at a major CSP, improving operational efficiencies, and enabling a more open, agile, automated network.

Solution Snapshot: Inventory and Network Synchronization

Watch this short video to see how an end-to-end inventory view increases operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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