Ciena is dedicated to helping you, our customers, transform your networks into a more flexible and intelligent infrastructure.  Our Adaptive NetworkTM vision guides the development of Ciena products and services which underpin this next-generation network.  The Adaptive Network provides your with a more robust and extensible network infrastructure that is future-ready and more easily maintained, and that helps you innovate and compete more effectively in your own markets.

For you to extract maximum benefit from the Adaptive Network, you need more comprehensive visibility into your network infrastructure.  You need insights into the operational conditions of the network that are not only tangible but also actionable—not just metrics and data but clear indicators of ways to optimize your network health and efficiencies.

That’s the 'why' behind Ciena Optimization Service and, specifically, the Optimization Insights Platform (OIP) that is the service's analytics engine.  This platform incorporates powerful advanced analytics capabilities consumable in a convenient software-as-a-service delivery model.  It gives you visibility into your optical transport and carrier Ethernet infrastructure so you can better assess and maximize your Ciena network health, capacity, and availability. Whether leveraged as a DIY analytics tool or in combination with Ciena's white-glove professional services, OIP provides tangible business outcomes with the flexible and secure features that make SaaS services so convenient.

Why the name?  Optimization Insights Platform performs processing and analysis of network telemetry data collected from diverse sources within the infrastructure.  The term “insights” in the name points to high-value actionable pieces of information derived through these analytics capabilities, which operators can use to optimize network performance and efficiency.  This platform will be extremely appealing to customers who need this level of advanced network analytics in a simple consumption model.

Here are the outcomes your can expect with Ciena’s Optimization Service and its Optimization Insights Platform:

  1. Higher network service quality, stability, and overall performance
  2. Opportunity to leverage underutilized capacity to increase scalability
  3. Enhance visibility into their network environment
  4. Accelerated ROI and decreased OpEx
  5. Better, richer CX

Ciena Optimization Service's OIP is ideal for a number of use cases, including asset discovery and compliance tracking, service availability and uptime tracking, monitoring network health and performance levels, capacity planning, and even service utilization.

With advanced analytics helping to convert data into actionable insights, customers not only gain increased visibility but also efficiencies and network optimizations.  An intelligent and adaptive network requires equally intelligent operational analysis.  Ciena Optimization Service is the answer.