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Open APIs

Northbound APIs for network programmability

Using APIs to create programmable resources

Open APIs are the enabler sitting atop Blue Planet that transforms the network into an easy-to-use, programmable resource. Customers and partners can develop their own applications, and integrate them with existing OSSs and other critical software systems. Blue Planet supports a suite of open northbound APIs for service management and orchestration over multiple domains and across the WAN.

Ciena customers can leverage the Blue Planet Optical Wave Services API to automate the provisioning of Optical DCI Services.

Blue Planet API users are presented with a simplified view of the network, through which they can develop new services and manipulate existing ones. Blue Planet abstracts the network, hiding the complexity of network domains, technology layers, and multi-vendor equipment. Thus, users can create a new service simply by specifying end-points and a few key service attributes. Some examples of Blue Planet APIs include:

Carrier Ethernet Services API

The Carrier Ethernet (CE) Services API orchestrates creation of MEF-compliant CE 2.0 services across diverse and complex WANs. While creating a service, Blue Planet also provides a path computation engine, traffic engineering, protection, resource management, and Service Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (SOAM) provisioning. Services are created end to end across multiple network domains, through networking technology layers, and over multi-vendor equipment.

Optical Wave Services API

Like the Carrier Ethernet Services API, the Optical Wave Service API provides rapid provisioning of Optical Wave Services. The API allows existing OSSs and/or provisioning tools to interact with Blue Planet, ensuring the rapid and automated provisioning of 10/100 Gb/s wavelengths.

Physical and Logical Inventory API

The Physical and Logical Inventory API leverages the network as the database and provides network data aggregation, reporting, and analysis information. Inventory APIs provide programmatic access to browse, search, report, and query physical inventory such as shelves, cards, and transceivers, as well as logical entities such as aggregate bandwidth configuration and usage.

Site Manager API

The Site Manager API enables the management of a Blue Planet site. This includes all Blue Planet entities—locations, racks, blades, apps, services, interfaces, etc.—managed under one autonomous administration. The site may be either a Blue Planet Appliance or a virtual machine. The term “site” originates from the fact that many of the hosted apps provide externally accessible services (via Web pages and Web-oriented APIs), which makes the whole system behave as a very rich, multifaceted "website".

SNMP Trap Forwarding API

The SNMP Trap Forwarding API provides a central source for network-wide, autonomous alarm and event notifications.

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