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What is ONOS?

ONOS is the open-source SDN platform for service provider networks. Curated by ON.Lab, ONOS focuses on a variety of use cases, but is aimed primarily at Central Office Re-architected as a Data center (CORD). CORD intends to replace the proprietary infrastructure of the traditional central office with open, commoditized software and hardware building blocks.

The technology behind ONOS is backed by ON.Lab, as well as several leading service providers and vendors. It is a carrier-grade SDN operating system that enables agile service creation and deployment at scale on any hardware. This platform delivers a highly available and scalable SDN control plane featuring northbound and southbound open APIs that can enable diverse management, control, and service applications across mission-critical networks.

A commercial-grade version of the ONOS SDN software, Blue Planet ONOS is backed by Ciena Services.

ONOS is the open-source SDN platform for service provider networks.

In the CORD use case, Blue Planet ONOS complements and extends Blue Planet’s multi-domain and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) service orchestration capabilities to control and orchestrate white-box-based switching fabrics in central offices. By enabling transformation to an open, commodity-based infrastructure, the Blue Planet solution brings the economics and agility of a cloud data center to the service provider central office. It enables service providers to realize the combined benefits of NFV, SDN, and automated orchestration, including agility, reduced costs, and faster time to revenue.

Blue Planet ONOS gives service providers the ability to take advantage of the cumulative software expertise of the open-source community. Any enhancements and bug fixes Ciena makes to ONOS for customer engagements will be fed back into the open-source community.

ONOS provides the following advantages:

  • Commercial-grade open-source SDN control software backed by Ciena Services
  • The extension of Blue Planet to enable orchestration and control of data center and CORD network domains
  • The economics and agility of a cloud data center at the service provider central office-level
  • A commitment from Ciena to open-source; any enhancements and bug fixes made to ONOS will be contributed back into the open-source community
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