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NFV Orchestration

Scalable, vendor-agnostic management and orchestration of
virtualized services

Blue Planet streamlines the definition and creation of NFV-based services

With Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), network operators are reducing their dependence on single-purpose appliances by taking functions that were previously built into hardware and implementing them in software that runs on industry-standard servers, network, and storage platforms. Beyond reducing network operators’ dependency on dedicated hardware, leveraging NFV enables more programmability in the network and greatly reduces the complexity and time-to-market associated with introducing new services.

Blue Planet delivers carrier-grade NFV orchestration capabilities for instantiating, managing, and chaining Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Blue Planet provides Management and Orchestration (MANO) guidelines to manage and automate the VNF lifecycle, and intelligently orchestrate NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) resources across multiple data centers. Blue Planet leverages RESTful APIs and model-driven templates (TOSCA, YANG) to simplify integration with different OSS, SDN, and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) platforms.


  • NFV MANO instantiates VNFs, provides service chaining and provisions connectivity for virtualized services
  • Reduces the complexity and time-to-market associated with introducing new, highly differentiated services
  • Open, vendor-agnostic architecture eliminate vendor lock-in, allowing network operators to use the VNFs and cloud infrastructure of their choice
  • REST APIs and TOSCA-based templates deliver programmability and allow for self-service on-boarding of virtual resources and VNFs
  • Supported by the Blue Orbit SDN and NFV Ecosystem to accelerate the transition to new, on-demand virtualized services
This agnostic and programmable strategy allows network operators to use the VNFs and cloud infrastructure of their choice to simplify the operationalization of new NFV-based services, and scale them according to customer demand.

Considerations when evaluating NFV orchestrators

NFV orchestration is a powerful tool in its own right, but becomes even more important in an operator network when paired with WAN automation and cloud services orchestration. Below are some key considerations when evaluating NFV orchestrator platforms:

Blue Planet software is supported by Blue Orbit SDN and NFV Ecosystem, a group of like-minded, best-of-breed vendors dedicated to accelerating real-world SDN and NFV deployments. Collectively, Blue Planet and Blue Orbit enable enable network operators to focus on delivering differentiated new SDN- and NFV-based services to their customers instead of focusing on the operational mechanics of creating new services.

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