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Multi-Domain Service Orchestration

End-to-end service automation and orchestration across multiple
technology (physical or virtual) and vendor domains

Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) breaks down silos by supporting end-to-end, lifecycle service orchestration across multiple technology and vendor domains.

A network operator’s infrastructure is comprised of multiple technology layers and specialized domains such as cloud, metro, access, and core networks. Creating and deploying services from end-to-end in this environment is traditionally a very manual process that entails updating multiple vendor- and domain-specific element managers, SDN controllers, or orchestrators, and then integrating these changes with the back-end Operational Support System (OSS). In addition to being complex and error-prone, this service delivery model preserves the management ‘silos’ of the legacy era, making the transformation to SDN and NFV more complex and inefficient than necessary.

Blue Planet supports MDSO capabilities, providing an open software layer that eliminates management silos and enables network operators to automate end-to-end service provisioning and orchestration. Leveraging open APIs and model-driven templates, Blue Planet integrates with third-party SDN controllers, element/network management systems, and orchestration platforms to manage and orchestrate services comprised of physical and virtual resources across multiple technology and vendor domains.


  • Modular and programmable structure supports control of multiple technologically diverse domains: cloud, multi-layer WAN, NFV, IP/MPLS, and more
  • TOSCA-based templates allow for rapid network services programmability and self-service in operating the network
  • Integrates with Ciena and third-party SDN controllers, element/network management systems, and cloud management platforms
  • Supports service chains comprised of physical network elements and SDN/NFV-enabled virtual components across multiple domains
  • Standardized and automated service delivery via repeatable, simplified, and auditable processes
  • Enables delivery of compelling services such as NFV-enabled Ethernet NaaS
  • Breaks down management silos, allowing network operators to orchestrate services from end-to-end
Blue Planet streamlines the process associated with defining, creating and deploying innovative new services

By seamlessly provisioning and managing service chains comprising physical network elements and virtual components, Blue Planet provides more flexibility for network operators and their customers. Services can be deployed more quickly and changed in real-time rather than requiring complex, manual changes.

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