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The transformation of your network starts with software

Blue Planet is purpose-built for network operators, enabling them to transform and expand their businesses by accelerating the delivery of new on-demand services while reducing costs through automation


Blue Planet provides the industry’s leading network virtualization, orchestration, and management software suite

Blue Planet helps you automate services – from creation through orchestration and delivery – across both physical and virtual domains. Our software reduces operational costs by abstracting network complexity and drives greater competitive advantage through a previously unachievable level of service programmability. 

Blue Planet serves four primary use cases for our customers: multi-domain service orchestration (MDSO), NFV orchestration, commercial-grade open network operating system (ONOS), and SDN management and control. It does this on top of a disruptive, next-generation software architecture that leverages open-source technologies, model-driven templates and container-based micro-services. Blue Planet also supports the Ciena V-WAN application for on-demand connectivity services. Any use case or application can be paired with Blue Planet Software Professional Services that let customers looking for additional software expertise complement and support the integration of Blue Planet into their operations and back-offices.

Blue Planet Overview




End-to-end service automation and orchestration across multiple technology (physical or virtual) and vendor domains

Blue Planet provides Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) capabilities to enable seamless service automation and orchestration across multiple domains. Leveraging open APIs and model-driven templates, Blue Planet integrates with third-party SDN controllers, element/network management systems, and orchestration platforms to manage and orchestrate services comprised of physical and virtual resources. MDSO eliminates silos by abstracting the complexity of underlying domains and enabling network operators to support end-to-end, lifecycle service orchestration.

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Scalable, vendor-agnostic management and orchestration of virtualized network functions and data center resources

The Blue Planet platform delivers carrier-grade, NFV orchestration capabilities for instantiating, managing, and chaining virtual network functions (VNFs). Unlike closed NFV solutions from many large incumbent vendors, Blue Planet leverages an open and vendor-agnostic approach that allows network operators to use the VNFs and NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) of their choice to streamline the definition and creation of innovative new NFV-based services.

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NFV Service Orchestration
BluePlanet + ONOS


The industry’s first hardened version of the ONOS open-source SDN software for commercial use

Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is an open-source SDN software platform for service provider networks that is supported by multiple global tier-1 operators, including AT&T, NTT Communications, SK Telecom, and China Unicom. Blue Planet ONOS (BP ONOS) provides a commercial-grade version of the open-source software that is backed by Ciena’s world-class service and support. BP ONOS complements Blue Planet’s multi-domain and NFV service orchestration capabilities to enable highly scalable, flow-based control of datacenter networks.

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Simplify and scale service delivery with a vendor-agnostic abstraction layer

Deliver a highly-compelling new virtualized service offering that complements your ongoing SDN and NFV initiatives. By orchestrating SD-WAN services with Blue Planet, you can focus on delivering differentiated new service offerings to your customers and avoid creating a new service-specific operational silo.

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Software Defined Mac


Automation, management, and control of multi-vendor and multi-layer network infrastructure

Blue Planet is the industry's first and most widely deployed SDN controller and management system for carrier networks. By unifying carrier-grade element and network management (full FCAPS) with the advanced control and programmability provided by SDN, Blue Planet enables network operators to deliver services faster and more cost-effectively across multi-vendor and multi-layer networks. Blue Planet incorporates open APIs and a scalable Path Computation Element (PCE) to simplify and automate end-to-end service delivery.

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V-WAN delivers the same on-demand, elastic, pay-per-use capabilities for connectivity services that the cloud model has ushered in for computing and storage services.

Ciena’s V-WAN application is a multi-tenant network virtualization and connectivity service-automation engine that gives network operators the tools to offer enterprise, content provider, and cloud services customers self-service or automated on-demand network services.

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NFV Service Orchestration


Blue Planet utilizes disruptive software advancements to enable operational scale, efficiency, and self-service programmability

Micro-services Architecture

The Blue Planet platform is built around the concept of container-based micro-services. Micro-services are small, autonomous software services that are highly-decoupled and focused on working together to do small tasks. This architecture facilitates a modular approach to building a complex system. As a micro-services based platform, Blue Planet provides the ability to deploy and benefit from cutting edge web-scale technologies, integrate with third-party solutions, reduce resource utilization, and add new features more quickly, and with no service interruption.
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Model-Driven Templates

SDN and NFV deployments rely on “DevOps” concepts such as scripting tools and languages to bridge the gap between between IT and network operations. Concepts such as standard information models and template-based orchestration are becoming increasingly important when adding agility and programmability to software-defined architectures. This transformation allows for self-service programmability and a reduced dependence on software pro-serv charges from incumbent suppliers.
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Multi-Vendor Management

Blue Planet provides an abstraction layer that leverages a service-centric information model to hide the complexity of underlying physical and virtual networks, enabling multi-vendor network automation and end-to-end service orchestration. As the industry’s leading SDN control and management platform, Blue Planet provides a unified view of the network that helps network operators focus on delivering services instead of managing equipment. 
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Open APIs

Blue Planet supports a suite of open APIs for service management and orchestration. These APIs allow customers to consume data from Blue Planet and port this data into existing OSS/BSSs or custom-developed applications that drive network operations.
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Business Process Modeling

Blue Planet supports business process model and notation (BPMN) to simplify integration with legacy OSS/BSSs and make it easier to create, integrate, and operate new services. In addition to reducing complexity for operators, using BPMN to depict the end-to-end-flow of a process such as the orchestration and automation of a service or application improves the operator's ability to offer programmable self-service tools to their end-customers.
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Expert software integration and network transformation support from Ciena's team of SDN and NFV subject matter experts
resource onboarding


Utilizing Blue Planet’s model-driven templates to on-board physical and virtual resources

blue planet application integration


Integrating Blue Planet with third-party OSS, NMS/EMS and other higher-layer apps using Open APIs

automated service rollouts


Assistance on-boarding PNFs and automating services across multiple vendors and network layers

project management for network augmentation


Consulting or project-based design, development, installation, and/or management of SDN and NFV deployments

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