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Multi-Layer Topology Insight

Unified visualization for IP/MPLS and optical networks

Ushering in unified multi-layer network management

Customers are demanding faster activation of new transport services and better service delivery assurance from network providers. But for network providers, doing this in multi-layer networks that consist of both IP/MPLS and optical layers is complex and time-consuming. Multi-layer networks have diverse network teams working in silos and managing each layer separately with little or no coordination between them. As a result, it takes weeks to months to do the planning and path computation required to activate a new service and many hours for service assurance—all leading to SLA violations and unhappy customers.

Would you like to avoid the finger-pointing between your different network teams and gain unified, single-pane-of-glass visibility into your multi-layer network?

Blue Planet’s Multi-Layer Topology Insight (MTI) does this for you. A key use case that combines Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) and Blue Planet Orchestration (BPO) products—powered by the industry’s only cloud-native OSS platform—MTI delivers unified visibility from layer 0 to 3 in a single-pane-of-glass view. The unified view from MTI helps you quickly understand your multi-layer network without swivel-chair management or awaiting reports from different teams. You can see the IP overlay and the optical underlay and drill down up to layer 0. This unified view adds agility, speed, and accuracy to network planning, service provisioning, and root-cause analysis.

Multi-Layer Networking Overview Diagram

Multi-Layer Topology Insight provides single-pane-of-glass visibility into your multi-layer networks with real-time and historical insights to IP and optical paths.


Vendor-agnostic correlated visibility in a single-pane-of-glass for your multi-layer network—from Layer 0 to 3

Unified and correlated view of optical underlay and IP/MPLS overlay

Analysis and troubleshooting of cross-layer network issues

Enables optical-aware provisioning of TE tunnels


Accelerates network planning, optimization, and configuration changes

Better understanding of how changes or downtime on one layer impacts the other

Faster troubleshooting without finger-pointing between different network teams

Provides insights to speed up provisioning of new services


Multi-Layer Networking

Read how Blue Planet MTI can help in the operations and management of your multi-layer network.

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