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Webinar – Active Inventory for Network Lifecycle Management

Service provider networks change over time with data distributed across a number of systems, user groups, and operational functions. The first step to manage the new needs, is to combine all of that data into a single referenceable inventory that can be accessed by all interested users. As the network further evolves, it’s vital that the inventory can manage those changes and apply them in a way that covers engineering planning, service fulfillment, and lifecycle operations.

Join us for a live demonstration of active inventory for Network Lifecycle Management with Blue Planet® Inventory (BPI).

You’ll see how BPI brings together network information currently spread across multiple network domains, vendors, and legacy systems to create a single, real-time end-to-end view of all your network and service resources.

In this live event, we’ll cover common use cases across the lifecycle:

  • Plan-to-build:  Visualization of physical, logical and virtual service inventory to help design a service-ready network.
  • Order-to-service: View of optimum paths and connections between locations or network elements to accelerate the conversion of customer order requests into services.
  • Trouble-to-resolve: Dynamic views of network to service connection hierarchies to assist with proactive monitoring and assurance.


Mark Gibson Speaker Image

Mark Gibson is currently the Product Lifecycle Manager for Blue Planet Inventory, where he develops federated inventory solutions. Mark has been a a speaker at numerous conferences, Mark has where he demonstrated thought leadership and speaks on his shared his experiences of crafting various product offerings.

Mark Gibson has 20 years’ experience in the Operational Support System (OSS) industry with extensive experience across fulfillment, activation, network and service inventory and discovery.

He is also a co-chair of the MEF Digital Services Committee focusing on SD-WAN and related areas. He actively promotes the work of MEF through webinars and workshops.

Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Physical Electronics from the University of Bath and a Master of Science (MSc) in Telecommunications Technology from Aston University. He resides in Bristol, U.K.

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