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APJ & India Webinar: What’s in Your Network?

Deliver services faster with an evolutionary approach to inventory.

Protect what you have and get access to accurate data sooner—without the need to rip and replace.

Knowing the assets you have across new and existing networks is a huge challenge. The data you need can be hard to access, residing in multiple legacy systems that are costly to replace. But without it, you run the risk of losing subscribers to poor customer experience because new services can’t be rolled out fast enough.

Watch on demand to learn about a progressive approach to network and services inventory modernization. In this webinar, What’s in Your Network, you’ll learn:

  • An overlay approach to unified data federation that allows you to run legacy and new inventory systems until you are ready to decommission
  • The role of auto-discovery and reconciliation of network resources and services in real time
  • Customer examples of operational savings achieved
  • How a real-time end-to-end inventory provides the foundation for network and service lifecycle automation

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