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Learn more about Blue Planet intelligent automation software.

Webinar – Improve Network Continuity with Smarter IP Management & Visibility

Teleprotection/SCADA services are vital for utility managers to ‘keep the lights on’—but traffic congestion can occur at any time, impacting the ability to carry mission-critical traffic within desired latency specifications.

What if you could leverage router analytics technology to compute and visualize the network-wide routing state in real time? Technology that captures routing protocol updates sent by any and all vendor routers in the network?

Join Ciena’s Matt Sherrod, Vice President of Product Management, and Mitch Simcoe, Director of Industry Marketing, for the Webinar: Improve Network Continuity with Smarter IP Management & Visibility.

See use cases that demonstrate how Ciena’s Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Assurance Suite (ROA) can enable:

  • Troubleshoot teleprotection/SCADA application performance issues faster
  • Model SCADA or other data traffic changes on a real-time or point-in-time current replica of the network
  • Investigate root cause by ‘rewinding’ the recorded routing and traffic states

If you want to learn how utilities like you are ensuring the highest possible teleprotection/SCADA service continuity, you don’t want to miss this Webinar!

Featured speakers:

  • Matt Sherrod, Vice President of Product Management
  • Mitch Simcoe, Senior Advisor of Market Development & Consulting Ciena

Welcome to the new world of intelligent automation. Blue Planet®.

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