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Defining DevOps for Service Providers – Accelerating Collaboration Between Vendors, IT, and Network Teams to Create a More Agile Business

Widely adopted by leading cloud providers, the DevOps approach is also being embraced by a growing number of service providers who are implementing SDN, NFV, and cloud services. But what advantages does the DevOps approach offer for service providers moving to programmable networks. And how does it
impact their existing operations and their relationships with strategic vendors?

Please join us for this Defining DevOps for Service Providers on-demand webinar. In addition to gaining a better understanding of how DevOps is helping service providers transform to more agile, automated, and programmable networks, you’ll hear about key DevOps tools and resources associated with Ciena’s
Blue Planet platform, and how Ciena’s Blue Orbit SDN and NFV Ecosystem aligns with the DevOps approach.

Target audience: Network, IT, and Product Management teams at service providers; vendors supporting the transformation to SDN and NFV

Key discussion topics:

  • Advantages of DevOps for service providers
  • The value of multi-vendor ecosystems and an open community
  • New DevOps tools and resources associated with Ciena’s Blue Planet orchestration platform

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