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Learn more about Blue Planet intelligent automation software.

Webinar - Layer 3 Service Assurance and Route Optimization Made Simple

Ciena’s Blue Planet Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA) Explorer software fills a key management gap in IP/MPLS networks by taking a fundamentally different approach to  providing visibility into the dynamic routing operation of the entire IP/MPLS network.

Join Matt Sherrod, Vice President of Product Management, and Christopher Warhurst, Senior Director, Enterprise West Sales Engineering, for this 1-hour Webinar as they discuss:

  • What is Blue Planet Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA) Explorer
  • Real-world use cases of ROA in action
    • Measuring Cloud Application response times
    • Determining if the problem is with your network or the Carrier
    • Uncovering the root cause of performance issues
  • The technology benefits of deploying ROA

Register today and discover a new level of network visibility to enable rewind and replay of network events for forensic analysis, real-time monitoring of routing, traffic and performance and enable interactive modeling to predict impact of potential changes!

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