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Provisioning and Optimization Explorer

Policy-based path computation and optimization

Service lifecycle automation for IP/MPLS networks

Provisioning and Optimization Explorer is a key component of the Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) Explorer Suite. It leverages the predictive analytics and actionable intelligence from ROA and its own policy-based path computation engine and optimization algorithms to help automate the provisioning of new service paths and optimization of the network to alleviate or avoid network congestion.

Network planning and engineering teams can input policies and customer-defined constraints into Provisioning and Optimization Explorer to govern automated traffic engineering actions. This include provisioning new services based on service priorities and constraints and optimizing the network by automatically shifting traffic loads to new RSVP-TE or Segment Routing TE tunnels.

Provisioning and Optimization Explorer Diagram

Provisioning and Optimization Explorer is comprised of Explorer Path Provisioning and Explorer Traffic Engineering applications, plus SDN and orchestration extensions, including open APIs and connectors to SDN controllers and network orchestrators

Open RESTful APIs give customers and third-party vendors programmatic access to the functions needed to enable lifecycle automation for network services. Network operators can use the APIs to populate customer portals with service-specific performance metrics as well as develop their own custom applications. Provisioning and Optimization Explorer can also integrate with other packet and optical layer technologies, OSS/BSS solutions, SDN controllers, and service orchestrators to help network operators reduce the time-to-market for new services, increase service agility, and optimize the use of network assets.

Explorer Path Provisioning

The Explorer Path Provisioning application leverages Blue Planet ROA’s vendor-agnostic IP/MPLS telemetry and analytics to give network operators powerful, automated service provisioning capabilities. With the application, service providers can quickly and easily create a catalog of IP/MPLS transport services that, when integrated with an SDN controller or service orchestrator like Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), can be used to automate the fulfillment of subscriber requests. Constraints may be applied to address a variety of path provisioning use cases, such as diversity, low latency, disaster recovery, and data sovereignty.

Explorer Traffic Engineering

Explorer TE leverages ROA’s rich IP/MPLS network telemetry and analytics to automate the difficult and time-consuming task of balancing network loads. It does this by creating RSVP-TE or Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) tunnels to shift traffic from heavily congested links to lightly used links. This results in better overall use of network resources and smoother service delivery. The TE application taps into several components of ROA—including real-time IGP and BGP routing telemetry, traffic matrices, and a policy-based path computation and optimization engine—to provision new traffic engineering tunnels via Blue Planet MDSO or any third-party SDN controllers and orchestrators.

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