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Blue Planet Analytics

Deep network insights for smarter, data-driven business decisions

Blue Planet Analytics unlocks smart data to enable intelligent automation of today’s dynamic and virtualizing networks

A fast-evolving network may be complex, but it contains a wealth of information that enables you to make smart decisions to help grow your business.

Imagine having easy access to all the information you need to anticipate—and act on—potential network and service disruptions before they happen. Or being able to accurately plan and optimize network resources to meet both current and future service demand. Or even dynamically adjusting network bandwidth requirements based on your customers’ needs.

Blue Planet Analytics (BPA) can help you focus on these initiatives—and much more.

 BPA gathers data from multiple sources from across the network and external systems


BPA incorporates advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver deep insights into the network. Built on Blue Planet’s open design and extensible microservices-based architecture, BPA comprises two components: a robust and flexible framework for collecting, processing, and storing network data, and upper-layer analytics applications.

BPA serves as a core element of the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Platform. In addition to normalizing real-time and historical data collected from multiple sources across the network, the BPA framework seamlessly integrates with third-party, big data cluster systems. The upper-layer analytics applications from Ciena (or third parties) integrate with BPA to address a number of key operational challenges.

Network Health Predictor (NHP) is the first analytics application developed to work with BPA to enable a proactive approach to network troubleshooting and resolution. You can take advantage of the combined power of BPA and NHP by deploying the Blue Planet Proactive Network Operations (PNO) solution, a bundled offering that harnesses the power of advanced analytics and AI to intelligently automate the entire trouble-to-resolve process.


No. 1

Addresses key operational challenges with network analytics

No. 2

Integrates with big data clusters like Hadoop for real-time multi-source data collection and processing

No. 3

Offers a library of machine learning algorithms extract actionable insights for maximum business value

No. 4

Supports AI-powered apps developed by Blue Planet or third-party

No. 5

Integrates with Blue Planet or third-party orchestration and policy systems to enable closed-loop automation

No. 6

Works with Blue Planet DevOps tools so customers can build their own apps

 With analytics incorporated into the network - and applications like the NHP -  you can make data-driven decisions to help you maintain your competitive edge.

Network Health Predictor application identifies data trends and assesses the probability of network failures that can impact services


MEF2017 Awards

Ciena’s Blue Planet Analytics received top honors at Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 2017 Awards. The product was honored with ‘Service Analytics of the Year.’ The MEF Awards program recognizes emerging dynamic network services, powered by Lifecycle Orchestration (LSO), NFV, SDN, and Carrier Ethernet. 

2017 Telecom Asia’s Readers’ Choice & Innovation awards

Ciena’s Blue Planet Analytics received ‘Analytics Innovation of the Year’ at Telecom Asia’s 10th Readers’ Choice & Innovation awards. Telecom Asia narrowed down the nominations from readers for 21 categories to a shortlist of 90 entries, which represented 48 companies.  Voters consisted of Telecom Asia’s subscriber base of service providers in Asia.

2018 Utilities Technology Council (UTC) Awards

Ciena’s Blue Planet Analytics was honored with ‘Software Product of the Year” at the 2018 UTC Awards. The IMPACT Awards recognize companies making a great impact within the industry through innovative and proven solutions.

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