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Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Partner

Accelerate digital transformation, enhance customer experience, and foster innovation with Blue Planet's open, scalable, modular, intelligent automation solutions on AWS

As the content economy explodes and digital experiences move to the cloud, network operators are under pressure to deliver in a marketplace that continually expects more. Providing exceptional customer experiences and optimizing the efficiency of your network isn’t optional—they are business imperatives.

Blue Planet, together with AWS, enables state-of-the-art, cloud-native, and flexible solutions for intelligent network automation. We help Communication Service Providers (CSP) and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) accelerate their journey to 5G and expedite digital transformation.


Blue Planet powers your cloud-first strategy

"We provide AWS partners like Blue Planet with the business and technical resources they need to succeed on AWS, whether they are modernizing existing applications or building new products. Their cloud-native architecture enabled a very straightforward implementation, and we are very pleased to see Blue Planet become an innovative vendor in the OSS space and offer their entire portfolio as-a-service on AWS."

- Pablo Sandoval, Senior Segment Lead, Networking, at Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Blue Planet 5G Automation

Blue Planet combines inventory, service order orchestration, Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), NFV orchestration, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven analytics, and Machine-Learning (ML)-guided assurance into a single productized 5G Network Slicing solution that provides end to end network slice lifecycle management across the network.

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    5G Automation use cases:

  • +Quickly monetize 5G services
    • Removes the need for siloed and manual processes

    • Automates the planning and instantiation of new services with zero-touch features

    • Allows new constraint-based 5G service delivery in minutes
  • +5G service assurance
    • Zero-touch automation enables self-healing and self-optimization capabilities

    • Proactively identifies network failures and automatically allocates new slice resources
  • +Slice lifecycle automation
    • Zero-touch lifecycle management allows automatic management of network slices with no human intervention

    • Automatic placement of new resources based on evolving performance or customer demands

    • Enables operators to optimize the use of the network by reallocating unused resources to other slices when needed

  • Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS)
    use cases:

  • +Foundation for 5G network automation
    • Provides complete physical and virtual resource visibility across the 5G network

    • Empowers CSPs to accurately maintain 5G network inventory in real-time thereby supporting critical 5G network operations
  • +Modernize inventory
    • Discovers network resources, federates legacy inventory systems, resolves discrepancies between the statics systems and the actual network inventory

    • Multi-vendor inventory solution offers flexibility to support future equipment and vendors as the network evolves
  • +Automated operations
    • Provides a unified, real-time view of network and service resources

    • Automated planning processes minimize the need for manual operations and allow rapid service activation

    • Accurate network visibility across multiple network layers, domains, and vendors leads to a reduced number of service and order fulfilment errors, thus boosting customer satisfaction

Advantages for
CSPs and MNOs

  • Rapid deployment and ability to enhance, maintain and scale as required
  • Cloud-driven adaptability of new 5G standards and features
  • Zero-touch automation to deliver new services quickly
  • Automated self-healing and self-optimization capabilities assure slice Quality of Service (QoS) and improve customer satisfaction, helping drive upsell opportunities

Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation journey with Blue Planet intelligent automation solutions on AWS.

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