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Blue Planet Analytics

Deep network insights for smarter, data-driven business decisions

Blue Planet Analytics unlocks smart data to enable intelligent automation of today’s dynamic and virtualizing networks

A fast-evolving network may be complex, but it contains a wealth of information that enables you to make smart decisions to help grow your business.

Imagine having easy access to all the information you need to accurately plan and optimize network resources to meet both current and future service demand. Or having the ability to anticipate potential network and service disruptions before they happen. Or even dynamically adjusting network bandwidth requirements based on your customers’ needs.

Blue Planet Analytics (BPA) can help you focus on these initiatives—and much more.

BPA diagram 1
BPA gathers data from multiple sources


Blue Planet incorporates powerful analytics and machine learning innovations for deep insights into the network. Built on Blue Planet’s open design and extensible micro-services-based architecture, BPA comprises two components: a robust and flexible framework for collecting, processing, and storing network data, and upper-layer analytics applications.

BPA serves as a core element of the Blue Planet intelligent automation platform. In addition to normalizing real-time and historical data collected from multiple sources across the network, the BPA framework seamlessly integrates with third-party big data cluster systems. The upper-layer analytics applications from Ciena (or third parties) also integrate with BPA to address requirements like service assurance, customer experience management, or capacity planning. Network Health Predictor (NHP) is the first analytics application developed to work with BPA for enabling proactive network assurance.


  • Simplifies data collection from multiple sources across the network using Blue Planet Resource Adapter (RA) technology
  • Offers computational scale and accuracy through a robust framework that includes advanced processing libraries such as machine learning and data streaming
  • Provides automated, data-driven network control through integration with actionable systems like Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP), or third-party systems
  • Enables a path toward intelligent autonomous networks when combined with orchestration, policy, and control
  • Offers enriched support and collaborative development through the Blue Planet DevOps Toolkit and DevOps Exchange
Network Health Predictor application identifies data trends and assesses the probability of network failures that can impact services

With analytics incorporated into the network, and applications like the NHP, you can make data-driven decisions to help you maintain your competitive edge.

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