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Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation through software-centric agility

Building the foundation for the Adaptive Network™

Blue Planet overview

Blue Planet is an open, intelligent automation software platform that lets service providers use deep knowledge about the network to power adaptive optimization of the network and services. It facilitates the evolution toward more efficient and modernized operations by bringing together your IT and Network teams to effectively fulfill, manage and assure today’s more dynamic, on-demand services.
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Blue Planet Software Suite
Multivendor, Physical and Virtual Network

With Blue Planet, you can:

  • Achieve business agility and accelerate service velocity by abstracting network complexity and driving intelligent automation of critical business processes across IT operations and the network
  • Continuously improve operational effectiveness through end-to-end visibility of network and resources, advanced network analytics and policy-guided actions
  • Elevate the customer experience by rapidly developing responsive, best-in-class services to meet fast-changing demands

Blue Planet is a comprehensive software suite integrating network analytics, federated inventory, route optimization and assurance, and SDN-based domain control with policy-directed multi-domain service orchestration in a single open platform. Built upon a microservices-based architecture, the combined capabilities help significantly reduce human effort, while ensuring a controlled, closed-loop approach for intelligently automating mission-critical business processes. Products can be deployed individually or in any combination and include:

You can also take advantage of the Blue Planet Community’s resources—as well as the DevOps Exchange and DevOps Toolkit—to share ideas, rapidly adopt the newest technologies, and extend your network with best-in-class capabilities. Blue Planet products and solutions are backed by a full suite of professional services and world-class support.

MDSO orchestrates across multiple vendor and technology domains


End-to-end service automation and orchestration across multiple physical and virtual technology domains

Blue Planet provides MDSO capabilities to increase service velocity and lower costs. Leveraging open APIs and intent-based, model-driven templates, Blue Planet enables seamless service automation across any mix of vendors and network layers. MDSO eliminates silos by abstracting the complexity of underlying domains and simplifies end-to-end services lifecycle management, visibility, and control.

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Scalable, vendor-agnostic management and orchestration of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and distributed data center resources

The Blue Planet platform delivers carrier-grade NFV orchestration capabilities for instantiating, managing, and chaining VNFs. Unlike closed solutions from many large incumbent vendors, Blue Planet leverages an open and vendor-agnostic approach, allowing you to use the VNFs and NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) of your choice to streamline the definition and creation of innovative new NFV-based services.

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NFV Service Orchestration
Fully aligned with the ETSI MANO framework, NFVO is an open solution that instantiates, manages and chains VNFs to deliver NFV-based services
Blue Planet Analytics diagram
BPA gathers data from multiple sources


Advanced analytics products based on big data and machine-learning innovations

Blue Planet incorporates powerful analytics for deep insights into the network—helping you make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Blue Planet Analytics (BPA) comprises two components: a robust and flexible framework for collecting, processing, and storing data from multiple sources across the network, and upper-layer analytics applications that leverage machine learning innovations. This design approach gives you the ability to visualize and identify trends to create more profitable services, better predict capacity requirements, and anticipate potential network and service disruptions before they happen.

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Advanced analytics application—powered by AI—that drastically reduces network outages

Network Health Predictor (NHP), which runs on Blue Planet Analytics (BPA), accurately identifies and pre-emptively resolves network anomalies that cause outages. It provides graphically rich and interactive visual tools allowing you to oversee the AI-assisted operations process within a multi-vendor network to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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Network Health Predictor
NHP is an analytics application that enables preemptive network maintenance of the transport network
Blue Planet Inventory diagram - Multi-Domain, Multi-Layer, Multi-vendor network


Federate multiple inventory systems to create a real-time, end-to-end view of your network and services

Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) is a flexible software platform that federates data from multiple existing inventory systems and presents it in a single dynamic view that accurately reflects the current state of network and service resources. The real-time visibility provided by BPI helps network providers simplify and optimize key operational processes such as service fulfillment, network planning, and service assurance.

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Real-time IP/MPLS network visibility to assure and optimize performance of critical services

The Blue Planet Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA) products uniquely combine routing, traffic, and performance analytics for real-time, path-aware operational monitoring, and back-in-time forensics to troubleshoot problems that can cause service disruptions. Interactive modeling helps engineers optimize their networks by helping to predict the impact of changes, simulate new workloads for capacity planning, and test failure scenarios.

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Diagram of Route Optimization Assurance summary
manage, control, plan diagram
Blue Planet MCP unifies network and service lifecycle operations


Unified, SDN-based domain control for Ciena packet and optical networks

Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) software provides SDN-based domain control of Ciena's next-generation packet and optical networks, including equipment commissioning, service provisioning, assurance, and performance monitoring. Operations are greatly automated and simplified through MCP’s open programmatic APIs and its intuitive GUI. This enables granular resource management and control, and the ability to efficiently and effectively plan your network to meet your customers' service needs. Built on Blue Planet's open, extensible micro-services architecture, MCP marks a strategic shift from legacy, fragmented network management software, leading the transformation to programmable cloud-native operations that easily integrate into your business processes.

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V-WAN delivers the same on-demand, elastic, pay-per-use capabilities for connectivity services that the cloud model has ushered in for computing and storage services

Ciena’s V-WAN product is a multi-tenant network virtualization and connectivity service-automation engine. With V-WAN, you can offer your enterprise, content provider, and cloud services customers self-service capabilities or automated on-demand network services.

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NFV Service Orchestration


Expert software integration and network transformation support from Ciena's team of SDN and NFV subject matter experts
resource onboarding


Utilizing Blue Planet’s model-driven templates to on-board physical and virtual resources

blue planet application integration


Integrating Blue Planet with third-party OSS, NMS/EMS and other higher-layer apps using Open APIs

automated service rollouts


Assistance on-boarding PNFs and automating services across multiple vendors and network layers

project management for network augmentation


Consulting or project-based design, development, installation, and/or management of SDN and NFV deployments

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