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The ONAP Project

Embracing open collaboration for driving software-led network transformation and virtualization

Extending our open source strategy for the benefit of the industry

Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Automation Platform (ONAP) project is a fusion of two open source projects: AT&T’s ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy), and Open-O, previously led by China Mobile and Huawei. ONAP takes advantage of the best of both projects to build a critical mass of contributors and market momentum toward enhancing open, software-led network transformation and virtualization efforts.

Ciena’s philosophy with Blue Planet is also fundamentally based on openness, collaboration, and choice—enabling our customers to select and implement best-of-breed technologies and capabilities. Given the strong alignment between Blue Planet’s approach and ONAP’s goals, Ciena joined the ONAP initiative as a natural extension of our open source strategy. Ciena embraces collaborative innovation for the benefit of the industry as a whole, and to help solve our customer’s toughest network transformation challenges.

“Ciena and The Linux Foundation share a common mission to preserve the open, multi-vendor approach that the industry increasingly embraces. Given Ciena’s successful track record with their Blue Planet platform that leverages open source technologies, we are thrilled to have a member like them that contributes both their experience and expertise in supporting successful customer orchestration deployments.”
- Arpit Joshipura, General Manager for Networking and Orchestration, The Linux Foundation

Our role and contribution

Ciena’s global success with the Blue Planet software suite is a testament to our approach to open networking. Our platform has leveraged open source innovations from the start, and we’ve established strong partnerships that gather the deep expertise required for establishing a robust, open ecosystem. Our comprehensive DevOps Toolkit also enhances operational agility by enabling network operators to gain self-service control over their networks and services, and reduces the need for professional services. Based on our experience and success, we anticipate making significant contributions to the ONAP community as an active member, by sharing our ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

We’ll also continue to incorporate new open source software technologies into the Blue Planet platform that provide you with best-in-class capabilities. Blue Planet’s containter-based micro-services architecture allows us to rapidly integrate new innovations, continuously evolve our platform, and ensure we stay at the leading edge of the software-driven transformation.

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