In February 2019, we announced that Blue Planet was evolving into a more independent division, helping us increase our focus on innovative intelligent automation solutions that help our enterprise and service provider customers accelerate and achieve their business transformation goals. 

Today, we’re excited to make another leap forward in delivering these benefits to enterprises of all types via our partnership with digital transformation services and solutions leader Brillio. Together, we are co-creating intelligent cloud and network management solutions that increase service visibility and improve service assurance by effectively leveraging the convergence of cloud, IoT and AI. 

Accelerating digital transformation in the enterprise

Enterprises continue to look toward cloud services to create new and incremental revenue streams based on innovative solution offerings and on-demand product/solution delivery models, and to optimize their infrastructure investments. In fact, Gartner predicts that Enterprise IT spending for cloud-based offerings will continue to grow faster than non-cloud IT offerings, making up 28% of spending by 2022, up from 19% in 2018. 

As enterprises adopt cloud, they realize there are many challenges associated with traditional approaches to operating and managing complex and hybrid multi-cloud environments. Our partnership with Brillio enables us to help these organizations across industries such as manufacturing, logistics, retail and financial services meet their technical and business needs with high-impact solutions that improve customer experiences, drive operational efficiencies, and improve quality of service. 

This is achieved by combining the Blue Planet intelligent automation platform and the Brillio CLIP™ services delivery excellence platform and user-centered design (UCD) lead solution framework. Together, we offer end-to-end visibility of application and infrastructure assets in a hybrid multi-cloud environment and provide service assurance and self-healing capabilities that improve network and service availability. 

Partnering on research and development

Brillio will also partner with Blue Planet on longer-term R&D efforts. As one of a preferred product engineering services providers, Brillio will work closely with our engineering team to develop and deliver network intelligence and automation solutions to help enterprises build dynamic, programmable infrastructure that leverage analytics and automation to realize the Adaptive Network vision.

A partnership like this is – of course – a two-way street, and we consider Brillio’s choice to work with us to be a testament to our expertise, vision and execution. In the words of Brillio Chairman and CEO Raj Mamodia, “Blue Planet’s experience in end-to-end service orchestration coupled with Brillio’s expertise in cloudification, user-centered enterprise solutions design and rapid software development delivers distinct advantages to the industry. Through integration of technologies like cloud, IoT and AI into our combined solutions, our partnership spurs greater innovation and helps us address the large and growing enterprise networking automation market.” 

Co-creating intelligent hybrid cloud and network management solutions with Brillio is key to advancing enterprise digital transformation initiatives. Partnering with Brillio helps us address the plethora of challenges facing enterprises today on their digital journey. Our partnership enables Blue Planet to achieve faster time-to-market and greater efficiency in developing new solutions to enable enterprises to continue to thrive and grow.